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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Willie "Little Beaver" Hale

William Hale, 15 August 1945, Forest City, Arkansas, USA. Little Beaver, a singer and guitarist, made his mark on the tail-end of the soul era in the early 70s, with a typical southern-style body of work that included both blues and soul traditions. Little Beaver grew up in Arkansas, but as a teenager moved to Florida. He recorded some local hits for various labels, with a Bobby Bland-style gospel-blues voice. He then joined Henry Stone’s TK complex of labels in 1971, and penned some hits for Betty Wright as well as playing on innumerable sessions. By the time Little Beaver first recorded on his own for TK’s Cat subsidiary in 1972, he had found his own voice and style and had a national hit with ‘Joey’ (number 48 R&B). His biggest hit was ‘Party Down’ (number 2 R&B) from 1974. His deep southern sound was not all that compatible with the emerging disco and funk trends and Beaver had his last chart record in 1976.


  • Joey (Cat 1972)
  • Black Rhapsody (Cat 1974)
  • Party Down (Cat 1975)
  • When Was The Last Time (Cat 1976)
  • Beaver Fever (Cat 1980)
  • Katie Pearl (Henry Stone Music,2006)-Singles of 70x


Anonymous said...

Man , I have found 2 of the albums on line and this dude is straight funk, love the write up and wished the links still worked. I find a artist and i look at the body of work and find enjoyable music to listen to. Thank you

Ramon said...

Links don't work. Any solution? Thanks

Vel_Kam said...

Hi is link for Beaver Fever (Cat 1980)

Ramon said...

Many thanks for the link. The four rest albums also it is possible?

Ramon said...

Joey & Party Down is the same link.
When Was The Last Time link don't work. Thanks.
All the best

Vel_Kam said...

Ramon,there're both (Joey & Party Down) under the same link,It's looks like workin'. Try again.

funkiss said...

Ramon said...

OK thanks ("Joey" & "Party Down" together), but "When Was The Last Time" continues don't work.

Anonymous said...

hi, great blog, joey = link of party down , can replace please ?

Andy said...

Groove On was a big hit in the UK.

Unknown said...

Didn't realize he had an album recording for 1980, although I do know he was playing with Joss Stone in recent years.

great posts, many thanks

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