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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Legendary Group: Mandrill

Formed 1968 in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. Mandrill comprised of:

Carlos D. Wilson (trombone / flute / guitar / percussion)
Charles Padro (drums)
Fudgy Key (bass)
Bundy Cenac (bass)
Louis Wilson (trumpet / congas / percussion / vocals)
Neftali Santiago (drums / percussion / vocals)
Wilfredo 'Wolf' Wilson (bass / congas / percussion / vocals)
Ric Wilson (sax / percussion / vocals)
Juaquin Jessup (lead guitar / percussion / vocals)
and Claude 'Coffee' Cave II (keyboards / percussion / vocals).

Mandrill were formed initially in the early '70's by the Wilson brothers who found other members by advertising in local New York music papers. The seven members played over 20 instruments. Shortly after settling on a line-up they signed with Polydor and cut 'Mandrill Is'. Building a following for their earthy funk sound they recorded a further Polydor album 'Composite Truth' (1973) before moving to Los Angeles and switching labels to United Artists. Here they released 'Solid' (1975). In the U.K. their popularity began to take off in 1977 upon signing with Arista. Their first album for the label, 'We Are One', featured 'Funky Monkey' and 'Can You Dig It', produced by Jeff Lane. The following year they self-produced a second Arista album 'New Worlds' from which 'It's So Easy Lovin' You' and 'Mean Streets' became in-demand 'rare grooves' in the late 1980's. Mandrill may have been the most musically ambitious of all the funk bands, something that hurt them commercially through their careers.



Mandrill (Polydor 1970)
Mandrill Is (Polydor 1972)
Composite Truth (Polydor 1973)
Just Outside of Town (Polydor 1973)
Mandrilland (Polydor 1974)
Solid (United Artists 1975)
Beast from the East (United Artists 1976)
We Are One (Arista 1977)
New Worlds (Arista 1978)
Getting in the Mood (Arista 1980)

Energize (1982)
D.W.B.B. (2000)
Live at Montreux (2002)
Rebirth (1992)
Peace & Love (2001) - EP for the 911 victims


"Havin a Love Attack"
(Pied Piper Extended Remix)


"Mango Meat" (1973)
"Dance Of Love" (1980)
"Put Your Money Where The Funk Is" (1982)
"Bust Loose" (1982)
"Pre-nuclear War Blues" (2004)
"Sunshine" (single from the movie 'Civil Brand', 2004)
"We Gotta Get it Right This Time" (2007)


The Best Of Mandrill (1975)
Fencewalk : The Anthology (1997) - ONE TWO from Mr. Moo
Ultimate Collection (2000)

Selected Biographies and Readings
Mandrill at Soulwalking
Mandrill at Rateyourmusic
Official Website
Mandrill at Soul-Patrol

Thanks to San Pasquale Ent., Dance Music Factory. Coldbrainiac


Simon666 said...

Good work Self-Science :)
Had a look for DWBB but no luck~!

Simon666 said...

Added a few things ...

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thanks Simon for the additions I couldn't find DWBB either. Maybe someone will come through with it soon.

Mr. Moo said...

Fencewalk - The Anthology (1997):

Simon666 said...

Thanks Mr. Moo!

Coldbrainiac said...

Hi there - here's a re-up of 'Energize' from '82:

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