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Monday, May 4, 2009

Legend: Millie Jackson

Millie Jackson is much more than an entertainment legend. The shapely, charismatic and multi-talented entertainer is without a doubt, a music industry icon whose oft criticized career paved the way for many of today's forward female recording artists and entertainers. Not only has her lengthy career attracted fans from all walks of life along the way; it's rumored that Bette Midler and Roseanne took pages from Millie's high voltage explicit approach to sex, to enrich their respective careers.

In spite of being stamped bawdy, brash and bad, Millie is the epitome of performance perfection on stage. She has no peer in this department!!! Several years ago, she added a new dimension to her established legendary career by creating, financing, directing and starring in a 'hit' musical stage play that was based on one of her previous recordings, "Young Man, Older Woman". During the play's touring years, audiences (old and new) discovered that Millie Jackson was equally at home as an actress, as she was singing songs in a musical mesmerizing manner.

"Young Man, Older Woman" broke numerous box office records and attracted countless SRO audiences in cities and venues it played during its close to four-year run. It's overwhelming success prompted David Patrick Stearns of USA Today to write a feature article, citing Millie as an astute businesswoman and lauding her, for her ability to turn her brand of risqué music into stage play success. In Los Angeles, actor/comedian Martin Lawrence created a special role for her to play on his popular TV sitcom after seeing her perform in "Young Man, Older Woman" at the Wiltern Theatre.

It's definitely no stage joke that her career was launched in a New York nite club on a bet. It happened in a Harlem nite club shortly after she finished high school. Winning the bet by performing resulted in Millie's metamorphic rise from a fledgling performer to a world-renown electrifying entertainer.

Her first record release, "A Child of God," on Spring Records, more or less set the tone for what was to come with sexual and social hypocrisy from the transplanted Georgia native. Her debut album resulted in Millie being named 'Most Promising Female Vocalist' by a NATRA a now defunct radio and record industry organization. The following year, her single, "It Hurts So Good," was featured in the Warner Brothers film, "Cleopatra Jones". The soundtrack album resulted in Millie winning 'Best Female R&B Vocalist' honors from Cash Box Magazine.

Both her powerful vocal prowess and her ability to gather material to fit perfectly into the philosophical tune trends of the times surfaced when her next album was released. Then, with the help of Brad Shapiro she started producing herself. Their team efforts produced 'gold' for the album "Caught Up". They also wrote history in the annals of the recording industry. Over the ensuing years, Millie's name became synonymous with a streak of hit albums. "Get It Out Cha System," "Feelin' Bitchy," "Hard Times," "A Moment's Pleasure," "Live and Uncensored," "For Men Only," "I Had To Say It," "A Little Bit Country" and "Live and Outrageous" were some of the albums that earned Millie more 'gold' on Spring Records and added to her liberated lyrical approach. A few years later she produced and performed on an album with Isaac Hayes. The collaboration was entitled "Royal Rappin's".

Her next duet recording effort was in 1985 with pop recording star Elton John. The single's release and music video, "Act of War" made the national pop charts and resulted in Millie becoming a crossover artist. The success of this duet with Elton paved the way for her first booking as a headline act at Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. Millie's Amphitheatre performance earned her a tie for a 'Best Concert Performance Award' with Sting, in an annual poll conducted by the Los Angeles Reader Newspaper.

Jive/Zomba Records, an English-based record label distributed by RCA Records was Millie's next label after Spring Records. Four albums and several singles were released during her tenure there. Two of the singles reached the national Top Ten R&B music charts. Ironically, "Young Man, Older Woman" was the last album Millie recorded for the label. It was also the title that caught her fancy when she decided to write and produce her first play.

To satisfy public demands for the play's soundtrack album, Millie struck a deal with Georgia-based Ichiban Records to record and release the "Young Man, Older Woman" cast album. Its success prompted a second album, "Rockin' Soul". This album showcased her ability to successfully bridge the musical gap between 'soul' and pop music..
Her third album with Ichiban Records was entitled "It's Over!??" This was the soundtrack album for her second musical stage play, "The Sequel (It Ain't Over)". In her humorous innate way she described her third album for Ichiban, as. "Well, we finally got the punctuation dilemma settled!"

Promotional differences and directions resulted in Millie's second musical stage play being short lived after successful runs in New York City and Detroit. It also robbed waiting audiences around the country from seeing and hearing the legendary R&B singing trio of Ray, Goodman and Brown; Douglas Knyght Smith (her "younger" co-star from the first play), Keisha Jackson, and Antonio Fargas ("Huggie Bear" from Starsky & Hutch) on stage with Millie Jackson, doing their acting and singing thing in her all new hilarious musical stage play.

Of the many songs recorded and released by Millie over the years, her "Phuck-U-Symphony" remains the most re-recorded. She appeared in the movie "Wigstock," and was dubbed the Mother of Hip Hop by Da Brat who asked Millie to appear on her last album. This record session lead to Millie being called on to do a Sprite television commercial.

For the past several years Millie has been doing her daily radio show on KKDA in Dallas, Texas, from various locations around the country. More recently she was inspired to record again. Rather than go through changes with other record labels, she decided to launch her own label and record the types of songs and materials that made her the outspoken, sexually liberated Millie Jackson that people loved and flocked to see.

The name of her new record label is Weird Wreckuds - git it!! Her new single "Butt-A-Cize" is currently available, and her new album entitled "Not For Church Folk!" will be released shortly.



Produced by Millie Jackson
  • 1977 - Facts Of Life - "Sometimes"
  • 1978 - Facts Of Life - "A Matter Of Fact"
  • Compilations
  • 1994 - 21 of the Best
  • 1999 - Between the Sheet

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zand said...

1974 - Caught Up

1976 - Free and In Love

zand said...

1978 - Get It Out'cha System

1979 - A Moment's Pleasure

1980 - For Men Only

Simon666 said...

hey zand!
I just linked about about twenty albums while you were posting this :)
Anyway, I'll add them, thanks!

zand said...

1980 - I Had To Say It

1981 - Just A Lil' Bit Country

1982 - Hard Times

zand said...

Oops... Sorry Simon... I'll give 3 albums else and You can post this links like alternative. OK?

Simon666 said...

Thanks Zand, added. I'll stop searching and let you keep going :)

Simon666 said...

You keep going :)
I gotta sleep, 3am here!

zand said...

Ok I'll post all I have and then we'll look for the rest together. Good night!

Simon666 said...

Not sure that 1974 "Millie" album exists? Can't see it on discographies ...

zand said...

I'll check it. It seems to me that this is tha same album with 1972. May be not.

1984 - E.S.P. (Extra Sexual Persuasion)

zand said...

Simon, I'm sure that this album doesn't exists.
Not in main albums not in compils or singles.

zand said...

1991 - Young Man, Older Woman

1993 - Young Man, Older Woman: The Cast Album

1995 - It's Over

2001 - Not For Church Folk!

Simon666 said...

Some supreme digging, thanks Zand :)

Keith said...

REALLY appreciate the post. Love Millie, but I haven't been able to find some of these albums. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Young Man, Older Woman & Young Man, Older Woman: The Cast Album are identical ???

Anonymous said...

ps. Sorry, forgetting my manners. Thanks for the other links anyway.

den81164 said...

the 74 album "millie" is the same as "i got to try it one time". as you can see by the cover, it could be either. when i had the vinyl, the actual record label said only millie jackson, and the album spine said i got to try it one time (or was it the other way around). any-who, millie is i got to try it.

Simon666 said...

Thanks den81164, I've deleted the 1974 "Millie" entry

The Funky Computer said...

Merci pour cette belle discographie de la drôle Millie Jackson !

Translation : Thanks !

Unknown said...

Hi friends! And somebody can will restore references to an album 1988 - Millie Jackson - The Tide Is Turning?

Anonymous said...

can someone post the real 1991 young man older woman please? the link provided above is for the young man, older woman: the cast album. it is supposed to have these 10 tracks:

1. Young Man, Older Woman
2. Are You Up on It
3. Love Is on It's Way
4. I Let You Walk Away
5. Living With a Stranger
6. Love Don't Have to Hurt
7. When Are You Gonna Tell Your Woman (About Me) ?
8. Taking My Life Back
9. Is It Ever as You Dream
10. If U Want 2

hamnegger said...

infinite thanks for all your work

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those albums :)

Cam anyone share the following?

# 1988 - The Tide Is Turning
# 1991 - Young Man, Older Woman
# 1994 - Rock 'n' Soul
# 1997 - The Sequel: It Ain't Over

bootsy42 said...

The main link to 1978 - Get It Out'cha System is dead, unfortunately. Alternate still works, have been looking for this album for a while :)

TYSM for doin Millie too, shes the greatest!!

Anonymous said...

I am a major devotee of this blog & Blaxploitation Pride as well as Millie Jackson. Thanks so much for all the amazing music!

Millie Jackson - 1995 - It's Over!?

Vic said...

Young Man Older Woman (1991)(192kb)

Vic said...

The Tide Is Turning (1988)(320kb)

Simon666 said...

thanks Vic and anonymous, updated!

Vic said...

Rock N' Soul 1994 (FLAC)

The Sequel: It Ain't Over!1997(192)

Simon666 said...

Thanks a lot Vic!

in celebration of those teo coming in, I've gone through the post and replaced all of the dead links ... so ... we now have a full Millie Jackson discography :)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for:

# 1988 - The Tide Is Turning
# 1991 - Young Man, Older Woman
# 1997 - The Sequel: It Ain't Over

Anyone wanna make my xmas by posting MP3 or WMA version of Rock 'n' Soul?

Thanks again for sharing great music :)

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Anonymous said...

Anyone have another link for 'It Hurts So Good?'

Yours hopelessly,
Anonymous Botch.

Anonymous said...

your in luck buddy, hows that for service ?!download|651l32|320183170|Millie_Jackson_-_It_Hurt_So_Good.rar|49263

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Never known so quick response.

Just found another great comp,

A. Botch

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the links to Millie Jackson I love her music and have most of it but does anyone have another link for the original 1991 Young Man Older Woman because the 2 are the cast version and the Megaupload link is dead. I would very much appreciate the link if there is another out there. Thanks everyone and if I find it I will post it for everone as well

Bad_Girls_Lament said...

Does anyone happen to have "Live In Tokyo"? I know it was a Vinyl only release but so many people transfer them to MP3 these days and I'd love to hear it. Also I have all of the above albums (most in 192-320) so feel free to email if you need anything.

theaterboi01 at aol dot com

johneunson said...

any idea where i can find a password for the available millie jackson albums? please, please, please.

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