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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dennis Coffey Discography

Dennis started his playing career by completing his first record date at the age of 15. While still in his early twenties, he had a choice to make that would impact his musical journey. He was offered a job to tour with jazz legend organist Groove Holmes and offered a job to play with the famous Funk Brothers as a studio musician at Motown. Dennis had a family to support so he made the decision to work at Motown.

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  • 1970 - Hair and Thangs
  • 1971 - Evolution
  • 1972 - Goin' For Myself
  • 1973 - Electric Coffey
  • 1974 - Black Belt Jones Soundtrack
  • 1974 - Dance Party
  • 1974 - Instant Coffey
  • 1975 - Finger Lickin' Good
  • 1977 - Back Home
  • 1978 - A Sweet Taste of Sin
  • 1989 - Under The Moonlight
  • 1990 - Motor City Magic
  • 2006 - Flight of the Phoenix


ish said...

This is pretty much a Dennis Coffey album:

zand said...

1974 - Dance Party

Anonymous said...

Arthur Adams - Home Brew-1975
Here Dennis was as session guitarist;

doctor_gogol said...

Thanks for all this. I just got back from watching him play in Detroit. a 3 hour show for FREE!

Anonymous said... dennis coffey finger licking good new link

i like your blog pride & jive thanks a lot add a paypal button i might donate in the future

U deep gentle bow for you

Ian G said...

Evolution/Goin' For Myself/Electric Coffey just reposted HERE

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