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Friday, March 13, 2009

Sun Ra Discography

This post is definitely going to be one of my favorite post I have done on Blax-Jive. Sun Ra is simply genius. His life is beyond music and deeper than what you may hear. I'm proud to make this post and I hope everyone take advantages of the selected biographies I will have listed. I am only going to post a summary of Sun Ra, but its much deeper than what I am posting.


Sun Ra (May 22, 1914 to May 30, 1993) was an innovative and individual jazz composer, bandleader and piano and synthesizer player, who came to be known as much for preaching his bizarre cosmic philosophy as for his phenomenal musical compositions and performances.


Born Herman "Sonny" Blount in Birmingham, Alabama, he abandoned his birth name and took on the name of Sun Ra (Ra being the name of the ancient Egyptian god of the Sun) and headed a band with an ever-changing ensemble known as the "Arkestra" (or sometimes "Solar Arkestra").

The musical development of Sun Ra can be (loosely) categorized into three periods:

The first period of the 1950s was when his music evolved from big-band Swing into the outer space-themed "cosmic jazz" he was best known for. Early inhis career, Ra worked as an arranger for Fletcher Henderson. Music critics and jazz historians say some of his best work was recorded during this period. Notable Sun Ra albums from the 1950s include Sun Ra Visits Planet Earth, Interstellar Low Ways, Angels And Demons At Play, We Travel The Spaceways, and Jazz In Silhouette (among many others).
It was during the 1950s that Sun Ra began wearing the outlandish, Egyptian-styled costumes and headdresses he would be known for. Claiming that he was not from the Planet Earth but rather from Saturn, Ra developed a complicated persona of "cosmic" philosophies and lyrical poetry that preached "awareness" and peace above all. He eschewed racism (having been a victim of it many times, in regards to the touring and booking schedule of the Arkestra), though he rarely came out and directly spoke about any controversial subjects. He preferred to make music, which he did, as the cast of musicians touring and working with him changed on an almost daily basis.
(The most notable graduate of the Sun Ra Arkestra was John Gilmore, a saxophonist whose work influenced that of John Coltrane).
During the 1960s, his music underwent a chaotic, free jazz experimental period. It was during this period that his popularity reached its peak, as the "beat generation" and the psychedelic era embraced him. In this era, Ra was among the first of any musicians to make extensive use of synthesizers and other various electronic instruments. Newcomers to Ra's music may have difficulty with his albums of this era. Notable titles from this period include The Magic City, When Sun Comes Out, The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra, Volume One and Other Planes Of There.
During their third period, beginning in the 1970s and onward, Sun Ra and the Arkestra settled down into a more conventional method (though still highly eclectic and energetic), and Ra took a liking to the films of Walt Disney. He incorporated smatterings of Disney's musical numbers into many of his performances from then on; and in the late 1980s the Arkestra even performed a concert at Walt Disney World. The Arkestra's version of "Pink Elephants on Parade" is available on Stay Awake, a compilation of Disney tunes by many artists.
A number of Sun Ra's 1970s concerts are available on CD, but none have received a wide release in comparison to his earlier music. The album Atlantis can be considered the landmark that led into his 1970s era.

During his career Sun Ra recorded over one hundred albums, but many of them were printed on microlabels, and his music was largely unknown outside of the live jazz touring circuit. In the 1990s, after he had left this plane of existence, many of his recordings were released on compact disc for the first time under the Ihnfinity Music label.

The Arkestra continues to tour and perform as of November 2003, now led by alto saxophonist Marshall Allen.

Sun Ra and his Arkestra were the subject of a documentary film made in 1972 and a feature film entitled Space Is The Place in 1974. The soundtrack, also by Sun Ra, is available on CD.

Some recommended albums (by no means all-inclusive): Atlantis, Supersonic Jazz, Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy, We Travel the Spaceways, Singles, Languidity, The Magic City.

Brother From Another Planet [Documentary On Sun Ra]



Read the companion guide to this thread by Jon-A at The Astro-Infinity Equation

Posthumous Releases

Two In One Albums

Live Bootlegs




Covers and Interpretations

Arkestra recordings without Sun Ra (post 1993)

Audio Interviews


"Brother From Another Planet : The Sun Ra Story"

(2005, BBC documentary, 1.9.GB)

- text search "BBC" on the page.

"Space Is The Place"
(1972, released in 1974, 81 mins).

"Sun Ra - A Joyful Noise"
Documentary film by Robert Mugge (1980)

from Transparency DVD 0171
"Sun Ra Volume Two: Sun Ra Arkestra East and West Berlin"

Resources & Selected Biographies

Some notable sources & links :

Post set up self-science and maintained by Simon. Big thanks to : Mr. Moo; stu; guijira; arkadin; free défendu; ish; drhotte, sawanotsuru, Disco_3000, reza, Jon-A, free bones, pathways to unknown worlds, filbert and trane rider at CIA. Also thanks to everyone who has contributed and offered advice; and all of the blogs linked to here.


Anonymous said...

1973 - Place is the Place


ish said...

Astroblack is at my blog.

I've seen Featuring Pharoah Sanders and Black Harold around... if you can't find it let me know and I can upload for you.

Simon666 said...

Thanks dvoid and ish :)

Simon666 said...

21 additions :


1957 - Super-Sonic Jazz (a.k.a. Super Sonic Sounds)
1965 - Secrets of the Sun
1965 - Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow
1972 - Universe in Blue
1993 - Friendly Galaxy
1976 - Live at Montreux
1976 - Cosmos
1971 - Nidhamu
1977 - Solo Piano, Volume I
1979 - Sleeping Beauty (a.k.a. Door of the Cosmos)
1980 - Sunrise in Different Dimensions
1984 - Nuclear War
1993 - At the Village Vanguard
2007 - Dance of the Living Image (rec 1974)
2007 - Creator of the Universe - The Lost Reel Collection, Volume One


# 1966 - Batman and Robin (Sun Ra & The Blues Project)
# 1986 - John Cage Meets Sun Ra
# 1989 - Out There a Minute (compiled unreleased 60s recordings)


* 1982 - Manchester
* 1987 - Santa Cruz
* 1991 - Binghamton, NY

Simon666 said...

... and :
1966 - Visits Planet Earth.


Good night

Simon666 said...

added :

1966 - The Lady With the Golden Stockings (a.k.a. The Nubians of Plutonia)

1979 - Omniverse

ish said...

Nubians of Plutonia was my first Sun Ra album...bought it when it was on Impulse. It has stayed my favorite Sun Ra album thirty years later.

Mr. Moo said...

Sun Ra And His Arkestra : Bad And Beautiful (1972):

Mr. Moo said...

Sun Ra And His Myth Science Arkestra : We Travel The Spaceways (1967):

Simon666 said...

... and here comes Mr. Moo :) Thankyou sir!

Thanks for the recommendation ish, I only have a few Ra albums - "Space is the place", "Languidity" - and never know where to start with the rest of him . That's a great one - hopefully one turns up better than the 128kb version we've got linked now. Cool cover ;)

Simon666 said...


1971 - Calling Planet Earth (live, Copenhagen)

1978 - Visions (with Walt Dickerson)

1989 - Purple Knight


1978 - New Steps

1982 - Strange Celestial Road

1984 - Live at Praxis '84, Volume I

1992 - Mayan Temples

2007 - Intergalactic Research (rec 71-72)


# 1969 - Newport, Rhode Island
# 1978 Berkeley, CA

New section : SINGLES

Saturn ES 538B : Journey to Saturn / Enlightement (1970-74)

Saturn 874 : October / Adventur In Space (1957-58, rel. 1967)

Saturn 3066 : The bridge / Rocket Number Nine (1968)

Simon666 said...


1966-68 - Spaceways (live '66-'68, rel. 1998)


1971 - Pictures of Infinity (a.k.a. Outer Spaceways, Incorporated)

1978 - Some Blues But Not the Kind Thats Blue (a.k.a. Nature Boy; My Favorite Things)

1979 - The Other Side of the Sun

1995 - Second Star to the Right (Salute to Walt Disney)

Simon666 said...

Last additions for now (time to work! lol)

(new) Miscellaneous section :

"Rockin with Sun Ra" - great post at 'The Hound Blog' that examines Sun Ra's 'rock n roll' collaborations and output, with MP3s

Added to "Singles" section :

Compilation : "The Singles" (2 Cds)

Simon666 said...

Still distracted :


1971 - It's After the End of the World: Live at the Donaueschingen and Berlin Festivals FLAC

1993 - A Tribute To Stuff Smith


1958/59 - Jazz in Silhouette

1966 - Batman and Robin (Sun Ra & The Blues Project)


Greatest Hits : Easy Listening for Intergalactic Travel (FLAC)

"The Singles" (2 Cds) / FLAC alternate

Simon666 said...


1972 - Live in Egypt 1 (Dark Myth Equation Visitation)


1973 - Discipline 27-II
1980 - On Jupiter (a.k.a. Seductive Fantasy)
1980 - Voice of the Eternal Tomorrow (a.k.a.The Rose Hue Mansions of the Sun)

Simon666 said...


1986 - Hours After


1988 - Love in Outer Space: Live in Utrecht
1993 - Somewhere Else (rec 88-89)
1999 - Outer Space Employment Agency (rec 1972)


# 1982 - 'Sun Ra On Earth'
# 1982 - 'Sun Ra Live In Berlin'


"A Song for the Sun" - Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen

Simon666 said...


1965 - Rocket Number Nine Take off for the Planet Venus (a.k.a. Interstellar Low Ways)


DJ Blueprint : "Space music" (Sun Ra mix)

Simon666 said...


1992 - Destination Unknown (FLAC / MP3)

2003 - Live in Paris at the Gibus (rec. 1973) FLAC/MP3

Simon666 said...


# "Infected" - Sun Ra Covers & Inspirations

# Spaceways Incorporated - Thirteen Cosmic Standards by Sun Ra & Funkadelic (2000)

johnv said...

Please let me express my profound thanks for all involved in this post. You guys are making the world a better place by sharing this wonderful music!! Keep up the amazing work.

Unknown said...

crazy but a great work, thank you guys.

Mr. Moo said...

Sun Ra & His Outer Space Arkestra : Celestial Love (1984):

Simon666 said...

Thanks again Mr. Moo.

Hi El Goog, well we have to be a bit crazy here with Mr Ra :)

Mr. Moo said...

Sun Ra : Blue Delight (1989):

Simon666 said...

... and thanks again Mr. Moo.

btw everyone, I've done individual searches for everything on Google blog, Taringa, Captain Crawl, Avax - so that's about it, any more contributions welcome !

Simon666 said...

Added FLAC version for :
1979 - Disco 3000

blackclassical said...

Good Job i can fill some gaps here...

Simon666 said...

That'd be great Greg. ta. ..

If anyone grabbed "Some Blues But Not the Kind Thats Blue" before but didn't have a password -
I accidentally copied the RS link instead of the bloglink before. Click the name again and you'll find the appropriate blog post complete with password.

Simon666 said...

Linked :

1987 - Reflections in Blue

Mr. Moo said...

Sun Ra And His Myth Science Arkestra : When Sun Comes Out (1963):

Simon666 said...

Thanks Mr. Moo - the depth of your crates is pretty amazing, you know ?

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is amazing! Thank you so much! I am about to start digitizing my vinyl to prepare for a move in the next few weeks. I have nine of the lps you don't have yet (although several are original saturns in various conditions- not audiophile). Once I get them recorded I have to figure out how to get the to you.

Simon666 said...

Hi guijira,
that would be great, thanks!

Probably the best way is to upload to mediafire :

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job here! I'm sure I'm not the only one who filled in a few gaps.
Jack the Bellboy

LostinManc said...

I've just discovered your blog and I have to say it's fantastic! KEEP IT UP!!

Arkadin said...

Hi Simon!

I found the following on Soulseek:

Sun Ra - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Sun Ra feat. Pharoah Sanders - Gods On Safari

Simon666 said...

Thanks Arakadin!

Simon666 said...

Added to Miscellaneous :

"The Sun Rises in the East" - really interesting experimental mix that mixes Sun Ra pieces with Strata-East artists and others.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody help me dig into this overwhelming post? Looking for this version of Watusa - as presentyed in this clip . I hav eonly found it on "...Meets Salah Ragba in Egypt" - and it aint the same..

blackclassical said...

Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Research Arkestra -
It's after the End of the World, Live at the Donaueschingen and Berlin Festivals

on MPS

is the closest version i know but is only about 3 or 4mins long if i remember rightly... heavy duty percussion there though...

he did hundreds of versions of this track... best bet and quickest option would be to drop a comment over at youtube and ask the author of the video.

not much help...

Arkadin said...

@aribus & Greg I think it's on "Space Is The Place (Original Soundtrack)". Not the Impulse-release of the same name, but the one on Evidence (1972). I don't know which one is listed here, but if there's need for the Evidence-release, I could get it...

Simon666 said...

Hi Arkadin,
We haven't got the Evidence release here, just the Impulse one, woould be great if you could get hold of it ...

Simon666 said...

Check new video link, "Space Is The Place" Episodes 1-8

Simon666 said...

Actually, scratch that, I've just embedded the entire film in the post :)

Simon666 said...

Arkadin and Aribus -
found the "Space is the Place" (Original Soundtrack) here :

Aribus, let us know if that was the version you were after.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Space is the Place soundtrack!

Arkadin said...

@Simon You're fast, Simon! Saves me the download of the whole album from slsk :)
Waiting for Aribus to verify...

Anonymous said...

That´s the one!! Wonderful!
Magical research..
Thanx a lot!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for double-post- but I just have to send a thanx for those fantastic movie-clips of Space is the place too. Watching it right now. Never heard of this - was this for cinemas or TV or what?! It´s both smart, far-out & arty and deals with some heavy issues in a way that just amaze me.

Simon666 said...

Hi Aribus -
Had a look around, and information is REALLY scarce about release details. It was "released" in Novemeber 1974, presumably for cinemas.
Also note that I've put a new link above the video in the post : you can now download it from here directly as one video (Mp4, 266mb)

Anonymous said...

Great work once again! This movie should be in all the worlds Modern Museum Art Collections. It surely has a unique approach and is art in it´s purest form.

One more question - were do I go from here?
I enjoy Space Is The Place (both Impulse & OST) but also the very beautiful, imho, Lanquidity and a few other tracks from various records. But the man surely has put out so much diffrent material, wich is obvious - there are millions of stars after all..
Any recomendations?
I´m a big fan of spiritual & modal stuff otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and "God Is More..."!!!

I've been looking for these!

Again thanks,

Simon666 said...

Aribus, I'm actually in the same boat - I love the ones you mention, and only have a CD of Languidity. My next favourite so far has been "The Nubians of Plutonia', which Ish mentioned. I'd also appreciate some advice based on those admittedly more modal choices (which is perhaps a minority taste band amongst hardcore Ra fans!) - so any advice from Greg, Arkadin or others would be much appreciated :)

Also -
new category / link :

Arkestra recordings without Sun Ra (post 1993)

* Alash and the Extra Special Terrestrial Guests (Sun Ra Arkestra) @ The Rotunda, Philadelphia, 18 June 2007 & 29 January 2008

Also moved "A Song for the Sun" into this category.

ish said...

Sun Ra is daunting. His noise recordings from the late 1960s and early 70s don't do much for me... but the earlier ones that sound like what other people were doing ten or twenty years later are good.

The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra from the early days is quite good...I even love the weird Nat King Cole cover on that one.

Most with June Tyson singing on them, early/mid-70s on, are very accessible. There's two of the concerts from the mid 1970s...I'm gonna have to go check my collection for the titles...have some really great numbers: very lyrical, not too out, but trippy and completely captivating. I'll be back with some specifics...

Simon666 said...

thanks Ish!

ish said...

OK, here's the best way to do this! I made this "mix-tape" of the best of Sun Ra for myself a few years ago.

It's a little focused on vocal tracks, but that's me. 17 tracks, from four decades and many labels, fits nice on a CD. I don't have time to list details or design a cover for this today, so here's an RS link. I guarantee this is an EXCELLENT way to get into Sun Ra.

Beginning of the week I'll put all the details and a cover on my Ile Oxumare blog; til then here's a nice Blaxploitation Jive exclusive for ya. Enjoy!

An Introduction to Sun Ra: An Ile Oxumare Compilation (1959-1988)

And now, additions to discography?

Concert for the Comet Kohoutek (ESP Disk, 1973)
Outer Space Employment Agency (live at Ann Arbor B&JF, 1973)
Life Is Splendid (live at Ann Arbor B&JF 1972)
Cymbals (unreleased Impulse 1972)
Friendly Love (unreleased 1973)

I have these if they're needed.

Simon666 said...

Thanks so much ish - linked up - great job :)

You know me ... "Spontaneous Simplicity" is the one for me, also "Walking on the Moon" - which I was pleased to discover was not a Police cover, though I suppose anything is possible after the Disney album :)

It'd be great if you could upload some of those when you get a chance :
"Outer Space Employment Agency" we already have.

I also wonder if "Life Is Splendid (live at Ann Arbor B&JF 1972)" might also be "1972 - It Is Forbidden (at the Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival in Exile)" ?? Hard to say with so many alternative titles ..

The others it seems we don't have.

Anyway thanks again for a great comp!

Simon666 said...

.. oh and I love "China Gate" too, forgot about that one ...

meth said...

Please post Concert for the Comet Kohoutek!

To Simon666, those two are one in the same, although the actual title is "It's Forbidden - Live at the Ann Arbor Jazz & Blues Festival" and it only has one track titled "Life Is Splendid" - hope this helps - and great job on the blog it's much appreciated!

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the info, Meth, correction made.

meth said...

As for recommendations, some of my personal favorites are Atlantis, Nidhamu, Cosmos, The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Vol. 1, The Magic City, Discipline 27-II, Lanquidity, and Strange Strings.

Anonymous said...

I hate to argue, and I may be wrong, but there are three different ann arbor blues fest albums. It is forbidden is from 74, and life is splendid is from 72.

Personally I would love to hear cymbals.

thanks for all the hard work!

I am still waiting on the sound card I bought on ebay over a month ago to show up then I'll have some contributions!


meth said...

I looked into it and you're right guijira, there is a separate album by Sun Ra and his Solar Myth Arkestra titled "Life Is Splendid" that I wasn't aware of.

Cymbals is actually only one disc of a two-disc release though, the other disc is Crystal Spears. These albums were recorded in '73 but never published.

Anonymous said...

This is the best post in the cosmos. Thanks so very much. Not sure where to start? Don't worry - practically everything has something of interest on it. I thought I had a great Ra collection but finding obscure gems like Space Probe, Nidhamu and the joyful and delirious Dance of Eternal Passion is unbelievable fun. And I recommend both versions of Disco 3000 - I'm partial to the original single disc mono version.

Anonymous said...

Simon & Ish, great recomendations! I´ll be looking into some of the other recomendations later on too. But I think Ra should be allowed to take some place in my ears with these two recomendations. Nubians is great! Haven´t had time to really dig into the comp yet - but I will later on tonight.

Simon666 said...

Hi guys, I've made some new entries and corrections based on what's been said. guijira, looking forward to some stuff when you get to it :)

Simon666 said...

Added another mix to the miscellaneous section :

Mohub's Sun Ra mix :

Tracklist and info :

Thanks to BlackClassical for the heads up

Simon666 said...

New, added to live bootlegs :
Sun Ra Arkestra
2009 - Zurich Switzerland.

And we're talking VERY new - recorded two days ago in fact !

Ubu was wanting to have some tracks identified so those in the know, drop by , have a listen and let him know .

Anonymous said...

hey Ra fans here is Cymbals

I also have a coupla boots that i will put up soon
carnegie hall july 6 1973
Paradiso, Amsterdam October 18, 1970
and also an interview with Ra recorded in an alley outside the Bluebird, Bloomington, Indiana, 1982, by Bob Caylor that you may like to hear
laters Stu

Simon666 said...

Thanks for that Stu - linked up, and looking forward to the others :)

Anonymous said...

In return for all the wonderful music you provided me with, it is now my turn to do my part in helping complete this beautiful discography.

A couple things. I am new to recording from vinyl and all these are from original vinyl so the sound might not be perfect. If any one knows how to filter out the pops and surface noise, let me know, or feel free to clean them up yourself and repost.

Also, from some reason, the free version of rapidshare went superfast, but my premium account would only go at 1 kb/sec. I don’t know why. That being said, it looks like these are only going to be available to the first 10 people to grab each. But just let me know when it happens and hopefully I will have a better handle on things by then and will repost.

On to the music…

First, a couple of rare 45s:

Dreaming/ Daddy Don’t Tell Me No Lie:

this is from sun ra and his vocal group ‘the cosmic rays’ from 1955.

Quest/ Outer Space Plateau:


Nuits 1:

Nuits 2:

(vol.2, side 2 has a pretty nasty scuff at the beginning of it, but it goes away pretty quick after the music comes in)

Cosmo Sun Connection:

this has my favorite version of ‘fate in a pleasant mood’ on it….

Soul Vibrations of Man:

the lp does not list the titles just : ‘soul vibrations of man vol I & II’. But here are the titles listed on the famous (at least to me) online discography:

Side A:
The Soul Vibrations of Man Part I Volume VII (3 tracks):
Sometimes the Universe Speaks (Ra) (flute duet and vocal)
Pleiades (Ra) {flute duet)
Third Heaven/When There Is No Sun (Ra) (declamation and vocal)

Side B:
The Soul Vibrations of Man Part II Volume VII (2 tracks):
Halloween in Harlem (Ra)
untitled improvisation/The Shadow World (Ra)


hope you enjoy. If all goes well, I will be getting a few up in the next few days. Sorry for the long comment, but I get a little excited about Sun Ra. Let me know how they sound.


ish said...

Hey Simon. Put my compilation up at my blog with the added cover and some notes. Cleaned up a problem that iTunes added to the rip, re-upped.


Simon666 said...

Hi Guijira -

Thanks so much for these generous contributions, now all linked up. Haven't got time myself to listen right now today, but will hit them tonight for sure :)

Now a note on Rapidshare :
The third alternative (which I use on my main blog, "Never Enough Rhodes") is to establish a free "collectors account". If you upload files while logged into that, you no longer have the "10 downloads only" problem. You also earn 'rapidpoints' from downloads, just like a premium account.

Anyway thanks again for all of your work ripping and uploading these, it'll be much appreciated by the folks here I'm sure!

Simon666 said...

Thanks again Ish (looks like we were posting here at the same time!) -
I've switched the post link over to your blog.

ish said...

It's all a blur but I think there's stuff here not yet listed.

Anonymous said...

I have "Live in London 1990" on CD. I got it a few years ago just rummaging. I have mp3's at 128. Would you like me to e-mail them to you?

Anonymous said...

here is the interviewwith Herman

Simon666 said...

Thanks Stu, I put the interview up in the Miscellaneous section.

Hi anonymous, 128k of "Live in London" would be better than what we have now (nothing), so it would be great if you could upload it to something like ... thanks!

Thanks Ish I'll check those out ..

Simon666 said...

Hey Ish, a linked up a lot of alternates from there (good blog), and the new one was "Live in Cleveland" (1975).

I put it in the "live bootlegs" category for now, but perhaps someone might recognise it under another name ? See personnel, tracklist and cover here :

Anonymous said...

Anonymous was me: FREE BONES. I clicked the wrong button. Sorry about that.

I'm very wary of sites like that. I don't want the RIAA coming after me. Is there an e-mail address I could e-mail the files to? If not, I'll do the mediafire thing, since I FINALLY have something to give back in exchange for all the wonderful shares you've all given me. Either way I'll get to it this weekend for you.

Anonymous said...

here is the carnegie hall 1973 .flac
amsterdam uploading now should be a coupla hours

Mr. Moo said...

Sun Ra And His Space Arkestra : What Planet Is This? (2006)

Sun Ra And His Orkestra : Cosmo Omnibus Imaginable Illusion: Live At Pit-Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo (1988)

Sun Ra : Of Mythic Worlds (1981)

Simon666 said...

Wow, incredible contributions from Stu and Mr. Moo; a BIG thanks to you guys for your efforts here.

Stu that must have taken forver to upload:)

free bones, email just isn't a good way to go for Mp3s - (apart from the fact that my internet has been slowed for a few weeks for exceeding my d'load limit). I'd really suggest Mediafire, just give it a random name so it's not searchable, and you don't need to provide them with an email address.

Thanks again all for your efforts, this is all going really well.

Anonymous said...

hey folks here is the live at the paradiso 1970.flac
enjoy,i will see what else is on these hard drivves ,I'm sure I got some more boots somewhere

Simon666 said...

Thanks again Stu.

Anonymous said...

alrighty. i'll post a link here on friday, hopefully.

sorry for the quality in advance, but i got it on CD, and it isn't the best quality recording to begin with...

Simon666 said...

Hi Guijira,

Your "Soul Vibrations of Man" is gone now. I've downloaded the rest of your contributions and am quite happy to help re-up them when needed, but I missed the ten downloads on that one.

Anyway, I've de-linked it in the list until someone is able to re-up it.

Thanks again for your help!


Anonymous said...

oh bugger blogger is messin up again ,so i will try this again
jusy reuploaded soul vibrations
plus here is Ra and Don Cherry from
New Visions TV show
aired 2/26/89,only seven and a half minutes but its good just piano and trumpet
and finaly for the moment here is disco 3000 expanded 2cd version

Simon666 said...

Hi Stu -
I put Ra & Cherry in the miscellaneous section; relinked Soul Vibrations; and put the Disco3000 link up as an alternate (already had a link to FLACs of the two disc set).
Thanks again for the contributions.

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone got to 'Of Mythic Worlds' before me. Thanks. Here's what I have for the night:

Concert for the Comet Kohoutek

Live In London 1990

This is from the 3 lp set. The sound quality was never great. I wanted to upload this and 'Taking a Chance on Chances' as flac, but I couldn't figure it out. I still have the wavs so if people need em I can probably hook it up.

The Solar-Myth Approach vol 1

The Solar-Myth Approach vol 2

Taking a Chance on Chances

If you can't handle surface noise, don't even bother with this one. That's the disclaimer. This record was pretty beat up when I got it (and still not cheap), so it is was it is. However, if you are in to rare ra, hit it up. This is a great record of standards, and Gilmore and Allen are particularly exceptional (Allen on 'Lady Bird' and Gilmore on 'What's New'). Hopefully this will inspire someone to hook us up with a nicer copy, but until then.....

oh yeah, and good lookin' with the 'Soul Vibrations'. I appreciate it.

Simon666 said...

Thanks for all your hard work guijira, all linked up.

Simon666 said...

Really obscure Sun Ra links #45 :

Sun Ra sings "I Don't Believe In Love" (1.59) included on art gallery CDR compilation "Eye and Ear". "Sun Ra checks in with an a cappella rejection of romance that sounds like it was sung into a cheap handheld cassette recorder. It’s really just a trifle, but it affirms his roots in cornball pre-WW II songcraft."


roberto t. said...

for those who love to work: on this page of this blog you'll find the Delft concert of '71 (excellent sound, 3 CD) and the Detroit great concert from 26december to new year's eve of '81 (27 CDs), it is like following Sun Ra for five days without stop.
Thank you Simon666 and all the others, I could only dream of a page like this when travelled many miles to see the Arkestra back in the seventies!

Simon666 said...

Big thanks for the link.

meth said...

Much thanks to Mr. Moo and guijira for their contributions

Simon666 said...

I've established a new category "mixtapes", which pulls the existing Sun Ra mixes out of the "miscellaneous" section.

To this new section has been added a new mix from Blackclassical called "SquareRootOf(-1)"

Anonymous said...

the delft live is easier to download from

Anonymous said...

I just started uploading Live in London 1990 only to discover it's already been done! I suppose whatever quality it is is better than the 128kps I have, so that's good.

Anyway, sorry I didn't get to it sooner, but college is a busy time. Glad I was at least ALMOST able to contribute.

I'll work on tracking down "Pathways to Unknown Worlds" since I'm very interested in hearing that myself.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please upload Media Dreams?

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the alt. link anonymous, I note it's the same contributor (filbert) so I've put that up as the main one.
No problems freebones, good luck finding that for us :)

Manny said...

I saw this clip on YouTube where he was dressed like a member of Afrikabambada and preaching to these "teenagers" in a pool hall... This is my second time running into info about him (My first time on your blog and it's nice...) I want to know more this cat... Thank you...

mew23 said...

The BBC produced a TV documentary on Sun Ra entitled "Brother from another planet" in 2005.
A DVD of that broadcast can be found at
Just do a text search for "BBC".

drhotte said...

Hi Simon666 and Anonymus,

here is Media Dreams:

It's not my own source. I've downloaded it years ago via Emule and made an audio cd from it. So I don't which quality had the original rip.

I am planing to contribute tomorrow:

Live from Soundscape (My Own CD)

and if no one other really have it

A Night in East-Berlin with the same source as Media Dreams.


Anonymous said...

thanks for media dreams, and glad the delft link was useful. Big thanks for all this Ra stuff: really has been filling some holes in my collection.

guijira said...

Free bones- We must think alike. Here's 'Pathways to Unknown Worlds'.

Just picked this up today. Came on the same CD as Friendly Love, but I uploaded them separately.

Plus, you won't have to deal with my crumby vinyl recordings.


Pathways to Unknown Worlds

Friendly Love

ish said...

This is a truly mind-boggling collection. I've only downloaded a handful of items but I never thought I'd be lucky enough to hear some of them.
Special thanks for "Soul Vibrations of Man," that's a real keeper.

DISCO_3000 said...

Hi , Just found this blog ..You are doing a fantastic work about Sun ra Music ...I will try to give my contributions time permitting ; I have more infos for the "Live in Cleveland "(1975) CD - It is also known as "Live at the Smiling Dog Saloon Cleveland" broadcast on WMMS Cleveland in 1975 and the tape from the show on WMMS includes a couple of more tracks in addition to the CD tracks issue (Calling planet earth + we travel the spaceways ) .... KEEP UP The Fantastic job !

Simon666 said...

Thanks all for the massive contributions :)

@ mew23 :
Thanks for the link, have added to the video section.

@ drhotte :
Thanks for "Media Dreams", and those other two would be great, have searched pretty hard for the East Berlin one and it doesn't seem to be "around".

@ guijira :
Thanks as always for your great contributions.

@ Disco3000
Welcome to the thread, thanks for the info on "Cleveland" (added), and hoping you can find the time to contribute (going by your name!).

Quite astounded with the depth that this post has taken on ....

drhotte said...

A Night In East Berlin:


Simon666 said...

Thanks Drhotte :)

drhotte said...

An at last: Live from Soundscape:


Simon666 said...

... and thanks again for your generous work.

Anonymous said...

Posted some more Ra. Some are alternate links for albums already posted:

New Albums
* 1954-1960 - Spaceship Lullaby

Alternate Links
* 1978 - Visions (with Walt Dickerson)

* 1966 - Batman and Robin (Sun Ra & The Blues Project)

* 1972 - Live in Egypt 1 (Dark Myth Equation Visitation)

* The Singles

Two In One Album
* 1967_We Travel The Spaceways & 1972_Bad and Beautiful

* 1966 - Visits Planet Earth & 1965 - Rocket Number Nine Take off for the Planet Venus (a.k.a. Interstellar Low Ways)

* The Great Lost Sun Ra Albums: 1973_Cymbals & 1973_Crystal Spears

Additional Note: Sun Ra entered into an licensing agreement with Impulse! in the early '70s to distribute both old and new LPs from his own Saturn label. This was his first association with something like a major record company, and though it resulted in ten actual releases, it didn't last long; another 12 planned releases were cancelled. Among these were two newly recorded albums, Cymbals and Crystal Spears, both of which were shelved (though three tracks from the former were later released on the Saturn LP Deep Purple). The Evidence label's extensive Sun Ra reissue program brought these two albums into release for the first time in 2000 as the double CD The Great Lost Sun Ra Albums: Cymbals & Spears, a mere 27 years after they were recorded. Cymbals turns out to be a small band session on which no more than six and usually only four musicians are playing on any one selection. Sun Ra is mostly heard on organ, and his understated playing sets the tone for a group of moody, low-key tracks. No matter who is soloing, this is mostly a quiet, introspective session. It's last-set-of-the-night stuff. From the opening miniMoog solo by Sun Ra, Crystal Spears is something else again: a full band album. Its tunes feature as many as seven horn players on a track, with most of them contributing percussion when they're not blowing. The stretched-out arrangements allow plenty of room for solos, duos, and even periods of near-cacophony. It's doubtful that Cymbals and Crystal Spears would have altered Sun Ra's overall career had they been issued by Impulse! in 1973 as intended, but his work is so extensive and so varied that each individual record provides another valuable piece in the puzzle; here are two more

Simon666 said...

Great stuff Self-Science.

Disco_3000 said...

this is my first contribute ... Here's " Sound Mirror " @160

Keep up the good work

Simon666 said...

Thanks Disco_3000!

roberto t. said...
again from CIA: searching with control+F on this page you can find Nuclear War, Cosmos (both in Flac!) and an excellent BBC Video (Brother From Another Planet) and more. Links are still active. The party goes on...

roberto t. said...

ops..I didn't see the movie was already here. Anyway the Cosmos uploaoaded has two pieces ("Cosmos" and "Moonship journey") missing. The one in losless is complete.

bventure said...

Just a quick note to point out that "It's after the end of the world" is not the same as "Black Myth / Out In Space".

"End of the world" is incomplete, there's a lot more material on "Black Myth / Out In Space".

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the info bventure, I've now separated them. Luckily we had links for both :)

And thanks roberto t, that CIA thread is a goldmine, I'll link it all up soon.

Finally, check this amazing Sun Ra discography that someone posted, must have been a huge amount of work.

Disco_3000 said...

Hi, here's another contribute "When spaceships appear" @192 aka " Cosmo Party Blues " aka "Children of the sun " :

The album consists of recycled material from the "RA to The Rescue" lp (with the exception of "When lights are dark" track )but...featuring n.3 NEW tracks 1)Drummerlistics 2)Children of the sun 3)Cosmo party blues ; the provenience of these tracks is unknown ..but probably taped from various concerts by the Arkestra.

Simon666 said...

Thanks Disco_3000 !

Simon666 said...

I've finally linked up things to the 'Call It Anything' thread that Roberto noted.

First of all, our alternate link for "Cosmos" did have all the tracks, so I've made that the main MP3 link and deleted the other MP3 one.

FLAC links have been added to :

1976 – Cosmos

1979 - The Other Side of the Sun

1980 - Sunrise in Different Dimensions

1984 - Nuclear War

1992 - Mayan Temples


"A Song for the Sun" - Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen.

Miscellaneous section now has :

"Souvenir programme for the concert by Sun Ra and the Arkestra at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on November 9, 1970 - 16 page booklet."

Finally, based on reading that thread I've separated the albums
# 1971 - Pictures of Infinity
# 1971 - Outer Spaceways Incorporated
which we had as 'aka'.

There was a separate link for one under the "Pictures of Infinity" title, so that has been linked to now.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Paul Jones said...


you are amazing for this!

Simon666 said...

Bootleg added :

# 1978 - Sun Ra Arkestra WUHY fm Philly, Pa

disco_3000 said...

Hi, just added an audience tape recording of "Sun Ra & the Outskirts of the Universe Ark. @ The Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia.No date & no info given ... I got it as Oct 1980 but presume 84/85 ...Includes a nice live version of "Nuclear War" ..

Simon666 said...

thanks a lot disco_3000. I've put it under bootlegs using your dates and notes.

Jon-A said...

If anyone would find some thumbnail reviews helpful in navigating this awesome discography, please check out my new and expanding blog -

Unknown said...

Find more Sun Ra in my mp3blog and forum searches:


Simon666 said...

Hi Jon-A -

big thanks for that resource, I've put a link both at the top of the thread, and in the "resources" section.

Hi Rick -
Thanks for that, I can see a lot of work to go through :)

Actually if anyone else on this thread has a bit of time to search out our missing links (or additional ones) via Rick's links, it's be MUCH appreciated here, bit crazy with work right now ...

Manel said...

sweet baby jesus, thanks so much for this! after 7-8 years of listening to jazz music (and having listened to most of miles, trane and mingus discogs), I decided that 2009 would be Sun Ra´s year for me. I got "jazz in silhouettes" and the book "space is the place": from here to infinity!

big up, yo!

Simon666 said...

Some additions and fixes :


* 1978 – Unity
(had an extra ‘http’ in the link, now working)


* 1978 - Media Dreams (2 CD reissue)
* 2000 - Standards
* 2006 - Springtime in Chicago (2 CD, FLAC)


* 1984 - 'Sun Rise In Egypt 1-3' FLAC, 3 Cds


* 1978 “Media Dreams”
New : 202 mb vs existing 78 mb

2006 - What Planet Is This? (rec ’73) - FLAC link added

Simon666 said...

Some vinyl auctions in a few hours :

Jazz in SilhouetteThe Magic CityAstro BlackVol. 1 (Shandar) France

Jon-A said...

A 1 hour podcast of highlights from the 10 cd 'Live At The Horseshoe Tavern Toronto 1978' is available at

Simon666 said...

Thanks Jon-A,
I've added that to the 'mixtape' section.

yotte said...

Hi Folks, I noticed on El Reza that there is a 2nd disc to Live at Soundscape - Sun Ra lecturing the day previous to the concert. No links over there, though. Anyone know anything about it or maybe have it to share?

Also, there is a lengthy Sun Ra interview at the Slought Foundation:


Simon666 said...

Hi Yotte -

Thanks for the interview link, I've given that its own category.

Reza really doesn't want to do re-ups, he closed down for a while and now just posts new stuff occasionally .... but maybe you can ask him nicely :) Just click the cover of one of the newer posts and you get to the comment area ..

Simon666 said...

reza has given permission to use the link of the Sun Ra interview CD from the Live at Soundscape set (thanks for asking there Yotte) , so it's now been added :

Simon666 said...

New addition to live bootlegs section :

2009 - Berlin, Germany - March 27

Simon666 said...

FLAC link added for "The Magic City" (1966)

Simon666 said...

Added to Miscellaneous :

# "A Space Warning to the Planet Earth" - magazine article by Sun Ra (scan)

intempestif said...

Thanks a lot for putting this Sun Ra discography together and for sharing all the records! It's really incredible!

I just noticed that the link to '1985 - Cosmo Sun Connection' seems to be dead.

Simon666 said...

Message to Guijira :

Hello! All of those rapidshare files (when you had the problem with your main account) have now gone dead, as they were on the free "ten only" account.

Any chance of some re-ups ?

They are -

albums :

Cosmo Sun Connection
Nuits 1
Nuits 2
Soul Vibrations of Man


Dreaming/ Daddy Don’t Tell Me No Lie
Quest/ Outer Space Plateau

We DO have alternates up for all of the albums except "Cosmo Sun Connection", so if you're pressed for time, just that one would be great.

Many thanks,

guijira said...

here we is:

cosmo sun connection.

looks like you're almost there.

nice work.

let me know if you need me to reup any of the others.


Simon666 said...

Thanks Guijira!
Should be fine on the other albums, just the two singles now. I can re-up them from work tomorrow (they're on an HD there).
Yes "almost there", but I feel that there will always be new Sun Ra recordings appearing :)

free bones said...

heliocentric worlds vol. 3, the lost tapes:

not my rip, but i did find it!

Simon666 said...

Thanks Free Bones!
Linked up.

Simon666 said...

Re-uploads :


# Sun Ra & The Cosmic Rays : 'Dreaming' / 'Daddy Don’t Tell Me No Lie' (1955)

# Quest / Outer Space Plateau (1982)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
guijira said...

Hey everyone,
I don't mean to use this as an advertising site, but I thought people here might want to know that I am selling my entire record collection including 20+ Sun Ra original Saturn Lps.

It is sad, i know, but I am moving to India in a month and need the money and don't have anywhere to store them while I am gone. Most things I will be selling on ebay, but would be willing to consider selling some things directly. If you want to know more just hit me up.

simon, if this violates any intended use of this blog feel free to delete it. I just want my records to go to good people and you all good people here.


Simon666 said...

Of course, no problem guijira.
And thanks again for all of your uploads here :)

Simon666 said...

New in the video section :

"Sun Ra - A Joyful Noise"
Documentary by Robert Mugge (1980)

I've also replaced the link for the film "Space Is the Place".

Anonymous said...

Not sure where this came from, could be soulseek.

Simon666 said...

Thanks a lot sawanotsuru!

Simon666 said...

Linked added for :

1994 - Live at the Hackney Empire (rec. 1990)

Thanks to bumkuncha @ Pathway to Unknown Worlds for the tip :)

Anonymous said...

The link for Horizon no longer works, could someone please reup?

Simon666 said...

Arrrggh I didn't grab it in time .... could someone (sawanotsuru?) upload it to a free rapidshare collector's account, or to mediafire ?

Anonymous said...

how did that happen? i'll up it to mediafire in a bit...

Simon666 said...

Thanks sawanotsuru ....

Rapidshare changed things a few months back - you need to have a (free) collector's account and upload to there, otherwise it's 10 downloads only.

des.frankenstein said...

First, thank to all people that makes possible this dream happens.

Second, here is horizon

I hope works well, is the first time I upload something

Saludos desde España


Anonymous said...

thanks des, i was in the middle of upping it before but we had a power cut...

Simon666 said...

Thanks Des, linked up

Anonymous said...

Thanks des!

guijira said...

Hi. I was just wondering if someone who downloaded the live at hackney could upload in a normal fashion without having to download whatever is needed to get it from the current blog? it would be much appreciated. peace.

paul w. said...

hi simon666, des and sawanotsuru, don't say that your links go to horizon. i dl your file and checked it. not only that it is definitely not horizon - extended version released last year on art yard (over 76 min. of music) but it is not the real horizon album (vinyl) on saturn label. in fact you got only side a of the saturn lp. it is not divided on the tracks (what can be done easily without any problem). your file does not have the title composition - horizon which originally was placed on side b.
so we have to wait again until somebody will upload the art yard cd with horizon - expanded version (with bonus tracks).

please also note that horizon was recorded in december 1971 and not 1974. you have the announcement at the beginning of your file - please check it.
paul w.

guijira said...

yeah, it appears horizon is only side A. The album was recorded in '71 but not released until '74. One side for me is better then none. But it looks like paul w. just volunteered to buy the album and upload it (you can do it as easily as anyone else). The great thing about this, as we all know, is that everyone can contribute what little they have and we can all get a fairly complete discography. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

yeah i really don't know where that file came from, probably a random search for sun ra on soulseek years ago when i wanted to check him out, before i really knew anything about him. apologies to mr paul w. i have what seems to be the real deal lined up in my soulseek sights right now so give me a while and i'll up it. although, i better apologise to mr paul w. once again as it doesn't appear to be the new version with the extra trax!



Anonymous said...

now with divided tracks!

Simon666 said...

Thanks all.
Entry has been retitled :

1974 - Horizon - SIDE A ONLY (a.k.a. Starsnatchers) (rec 1971)

.. and link has been replaced with sawanaotsuru's new link. The discography has been arranged by year of release with notes added, where possible, as to the year of release.

I'll second Paul W to buy this one and upload for us, looking forward to it :)

Anonymous said...

Monsieur 666, the new link is both sides of the disc. Soulseek to the rescue once again.

Anonymous said...

here is a slightly higher res version 70mb instead of 45mb

this shit matters!

Oh, and this time each side of the LP is a single file

Simon666 said...

Corrected :)

Also, correction to previous stoner comment :

"The discography has been arranged by year of release with notes added, where possible, as to the year of recording."

Anonymous said...

smoke on the water, fire in the sky

thanks soulseek

Simon666 said...

Thanks again sawanotsuru !

Anonymous said...

I also noticed the other link for Horizon was only the side a but it appears the new link is missing the first song on side b "Third Planet"

Anonymous said...

damn, i forgot to post the link when i said i had a 70mb higher res copy

i dunno where my head is at sometimes!

Simon666 said...

Thanks sawanotsuru , "Horizon" link replaced again :)

Anonymous said...

Finally, the complete Horizon album! Thanks again to sawanotsuru, and to Simon666 for all the work!

Simon666 said...

New link added to Miscellaneous section :

# I.H.C. Plays The Music Of Sun Ra vol. 1: Roma-Saturno-Roma (2009)

Simon666 said...

I split off a new section from Miscellaneous called "Covers and Interpretations", and moved a few things there.

New addition to that section :

'Adventures On the Sun - The Music of Sun Ra (2009)' - reinterpretations by instrumental hip hop producers.

Maybe not to everyone's taste but I like it a lot, check it out :

Thanks to bumkuncha at Pathway to Unknown Worlds for the tip.

m.a.t. said...

hi this is guijira under new name.

I (finally) started a blog of my own.
With alternating post between a friend and I.
Unfortunately after I sold all of my lps.
But tomorrow I move to India so there should be related post.
Probably not to everyone's tastes, but check it out:


Anonymous said...

Best SunRa Discography in the whole wide world! Thanks for all this great stuff from the unique genius!
What troubles me a little and only that is the missing of Hidden Fires 2. Could somebody add this one please?

Simon666 said...

Hi folks - new addition to the section "Arkestra recordings without Sun Ra (post 1993)" :

"Hymn to the Universe" (2008) - Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen

posted by Bumkuncha at 'Pathway to Unknown Worlds' :

Simon666 said...

New Bootleg :

Anonymous said...

help please with invitation on !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! This is amazing work you're doing!

Grendel said...

Thank you for this wonderful Sun Ra material, and the research that came with it. You're a credit to the Universe.

m.a.t. said...
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m.a.t. said...

hey, i'm looking for a hook up on some of marshall allen's solo gigs. particularly the stuff from when he toured with henry grimes. i had a friend send me a recording from when they played on his chicago radio show, but i wore the cd out and can't get a hold of the guy for another copy. i'm very sad about this. anyone got the goods?

mixtapes and things

James said...

could someone re up "My Brother the WInd" ? please

Unknown said...

If you need anymore sun ra feel free to use my posts in your blog they are all in media fire over @

Anonymous said...

Spaceship Lullaby is down :(
can't find it anywhere

Great blog btw

sitarswami said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm actually looking for more SUN RA video... The "Calling Planet Earth" video was done at the same time as something called "Sunset on the Nile," which I can't find anywhere.

Any suggestions?


expandingeyeball said...

Hi there, just wanted to say many many thanks for all the hard work that's been put into this list... I started to get into Sun Ra last summer and have just about gone through everything you had up here... I also spent a lot of time listening to The Residents recently and in my mind them and Ra have become opposite faces of some big American-experience coin. So cheers.

One question: I really like Unity but it seems to be missing 'Images' (track 7), and there's another track ('Half Nelson') listed in the discography that's not here at all... is it just split differently?

paul w. said...

hi expandingeyeball,
i don't know what's in blaxploitation file of "unity". however i do have original 2 lp set on horo. "images" (over 10 min. long) is track no. 7 on lp no. 1 and the track "lady bird/half nelson" opens lp no. 2. it is over 8 min. long. the original lp's are 45:40 and 39:50 so i have them on 2 cd's. maybe this will help you.
best regards.
paul w.

expandingeyeball said...

Hi Paul,

Yes, that helps: it's just 'Images' that is missing from side 1... anyone able to put it up?

Thanks for answering... this thread is the bees knees.

Anonymous said...

the second part of What Planet is This? is gone from rapidshare. can anybody help reupload it?

Anonymous said...

This is a terrific resource for Sun Ra material. Thanks very much for all contributors and especially to Simon666 for his hard work. Having said that, there's an ongoing need for maintenance as links become outdated. For example, the above link to My Brother The Wind part II is obsolete so here are two current alternatives:

I was wondering about The Invisible Shield. All rips I've found, including the one linked to above, are from the Janus CD which completely omits the first side of I.S. I'd argue that Invisible Sheild missing six tracks isn't Invisible Shield at's half of Invisible Shield at best! Anyone have the first side anywhere?

Lastly, I've uploaded "Out Beyond the Kingdom Of" from 1974, @320 kbps, which doesn't appear to have been shared here as yet. Hope that it's of use to you (not my rip):

Thanks again to all contributors

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