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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Last Poets Discography

Last Poets were rappers of the civil rights era. Along with the changing domestic landscape came the New York City-hip group called The Last Poets, who used obstreperous verse to chide a nation whose inclination was to maintain the colonial yoke around the neck of the disenfranchised.

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Main albums:


Jalal solo and collaborations :
  • Umar Bin Hassan solo and collaborations :
Gylan Kain solo (as "Kain) :

Compilations :

Contributions by : Fresh Sly, ksn, Mona, Juronjux, thecorrector


Anonymous said...

hey there - not sure if you want to expand this to last poet's side-projects, but i've got gylan kain's 'blue guerilla'.

lemme know, i'd be happy to put it up.


Anonymous said...

yes please up that album for up. the review sounds raw

Sly said...

Lightning Rod - Hustlers Convention

Sly said...

Abiodun Oyewole & Umar Bin Hassan - 25 Years

Sly said...

umar bin hassan - be bop or be dead (1993)

thecorrector said...

Fixed my Be Bop or Be Dead post. Also have an alternate link for Right On! that fixes a problem with the Collectibles CD release.

Anonymous said...

selfscience - here ya go, enjoy.

Bloody Holly said...
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exilestreet said...

And my contribution is Jalal's 'On The One' (On u Sound 1996):

exilestreet said...

Added Jalal's 'Mankind' 10" On-U Dubplate here:
Originally limited to 1000 copies.

Simon666 said...

Added a link for 'Freedom Express', Celluloid (1989), posted at 'Pathway to Unkown Worlds' especially for this discography

Anonymous said...

"time has come" still unavailable?

Anonymous said...

4 Thanking U for this incredible blog that allow me to understand the discography of James Brown !!!
let me give three other albums by the Last Poets :

The Last Poets -2004- Panthers 12''
Umar Bin Hassan -1996- To The Last (2001 edit)
The Last Poets -1997- Time Has Come

I'm still missing Last Poets "Scatterap/Home" from 94, Umar's "Life is good" from 1999, Jalal's "Fruits of rap" and "Science Friction"...
Waiting 4 Ur help


Simon666 said...

Thanks for your contributions juronjux, much appreciated! Have added entries for all above.

Also thanks Mona for the Jalal EP from way back, finally added above.

I've overhauled the post a bit to create separate solo sections and a comps sections.

Did some quick searching but unable to find any of those specific wants, juronjux, but will try again later.

In the meantime, have found a few extra things and added :

Jalal solo and collaborations :

* 1969 - single : "Doreilla Du Fontaine" - Lightnin' Rod (Jalal), Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles

Umar Bin Hassan solo and collaborations :

* 1995 - 'Funkcronomicon' - Axiom Funk - includes 'Sacred to the pain' by Umar Bin Hassan

Anonymous said...

Just a few things :
"Scatterap / Home" is a LP and not just a single.
"Panthers" is the re-edit version of "Panther" from "Time Has Come" with Dead Prez & Common. It's the same text from Umar.


Simon666 said...

Thanks again for the knowledge, Juronjux - I've edited the post according to what you've said.

-c- said...

Couple of things here that I didn't know existed! Thanks for everyones contributions.

Only other things I've got that spring to mind are the Laswell/Celluloid 12 inch mixes of Mean Machine from mid 80's. Unfortunately my copy is a bit too messed up now...

Also the CD version of the On-U dubplate included 'Trancendental Twins' which IMO was one of the best tracks from those sessions.


Simon666 said...

Hi c,
Messed up is better than nothing, any contributions appreciated :)

Also - I just realised that when I expanded this to include side projects, I didn't include ksn's contribution back in December of Gylan Kain's ""Blue Guerrilla" (1971) - that's now been added above. Thanks ksn!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, here is the missing album of the Last Poets : Scatterap/Home, 1994, published by Bond Age.

PS: This is not my rip.


Anonymous said...

By the time I'm here, here is a single from Jalal Nuridin : Mean Machine (rap version) with Grandmixer D.ST :


Anonymous said...

Alternate link for Mean Machine (12'') without password...

And as a bonus, here is 1992 - Retro Fit (Celluloid). This an album of re-mixes & new production tracks by Clive Smith, Choco & John T. Mazzaro :


Simon666 said...

Thanks a lot juronjux, all added :)

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