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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gil Scott-Heron Discography

Photo by Giacomino Parkinson

b. 1st April 1949, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
d. 27th May, 2011, NY NY, USA


Born in Chicago in 1949, Gil Scott-Heron became one of the inspirators of Rap Music. With very much of a political viewpoint, Gil became a mouthpiece for the Black Person in America during the Seventies and Eighties. Gil was the son of a Jamaican professional soccer player and a college graduate mother who worked as a librarian. His father played for the Scottish football side, Celtic. Both parents divorced whilst Gil was still a child and he was despatched off to his grandmother in Lincoln, Tennessee. His grandmother helped Gil musically, however, early racial tensions at school, in Jackson, led him to relocate again to the Bronx during his adolescent years to live with his mother and he later moved again to the Spanish neighbourhood of Chelsea.

At the age of 13, Gil had already written a book of poetry. Gil attended college in Pennsylvania and then left to concentrate on writing his first novel entitled 'The Vulture' in 1968. It was at college he met Brian Jackson, who was later to be a long time musical collaborator.
He released his debut album, 'New Black Poet: Small Talk at 125th and Lennox', in 1970, the title of which was influenced by a piece of poetry written by his mentor, Bob Thiele. The album contained the powerful 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised', a damning political attack on the media and the treatment of Black People in the U.S.

The follow up album, 1971's 'Pieces of a Man', showed a growing musical maturity, featuring 'Lady Day and John Coltrane' and the, less political, 'I Think I'll Call It Morning'. Gil was under Bob Thiele's (who had originally influenced Gil to record back in the late Sixties), Flying Dutchman Records umbrella until the mid-'70s. il signed a one album deal for the Strata East imprint, out of New York, in 1974 with Brian Jackson, and released the album 'Winter In America', which contained the original version of 'The Bottle', along with 'Peace Go With You, Brother'. They had an instant hit with the song 'The Bottle', a track highlighting the misuse of alcohol. and probably the highpoint of Gil's career, reaching number 15 on the R & B charts.

Gil then was signed to the Arista label in 1975. Here Gil received instant success with the South African diatribe, 'Johannesburg', a song that reached number 29 on the R & B charts that year. His first two albums at the new label were 'First Minute of a New Day' (containing 'Winter In America', again, and 'Ain't No Such Thing As Superman') and the album 'From South Africa to South Carolina' (containing 'Johannesburg').

1976 saw the release of the double album 'It's Your World' which contained the live version of the track 'The Bottle' and was recorded live at Paul's Mall in Boston, Massachusetts in July of that year. Gil's band at the time were, the Midnight Band, who were mentioned in the song 'Race Track In France', taken from the album 'Bridges' in 1977, again a collaboration with Brian Jackson. That album also spawned the popular 'Hello Sunday, Hello Road'.

By 1978, Brian Jackson had his final association with Gil, seeing Malcolm Cecil then taking over the musical direction, following the release of the album 'Secrets', that featured the the drug related song 'Angel Dust'. That same year, Gil released an album of poetry and music, entitled 'The Mind Of Gil Scott Heron' for Arista Records.

By the turn of the decade, Nile Rogers (from the group Chic) had been recruited on production chores.
1980's album, 'Real Eyes' contained the excellent 'A Legend In His Own Mind'. The same year saw the album '1980' hitting the streets (featuring the songs 'Shut Em Down' and 'Angola, Louisiana'). In 1981, the album 'Reflections' was released, featuring 'Is That Jazz' and 'Gun' (an impressive attack on the U.S. gunlaws, a subject later to be highlighted in the Michael Moore movie vehicle 'Bowling For Columbine').

By 1982, the excellent 'Moving Target' saw the light of day. This set contained the excellent 'Fast Lane' and 'Washington D.C.' Gil turned on, the then President, Ronald Reagan, and began criticising the election of an ex B-Movie actor in the role of the most powerful man on Earth. 'B-Movie' became a song, as did 'Re-Ron', highlighting Gil's further political awareness. By 1985, Gil had left the Arista imprint and he began touring.

In 1990, a retrospective double album was released entitled 'Tales Of Gil Scott-Heron And His Amnesia Express'. He also released a pseudo 'house' twelve inch single entitled 'Space Shuttle'. In 1993, Gil signed to the TVT Records label and released the album, 'Spirits'. In 2001, Gil was imprisoned by a judge in New York, for one to three years following a failure to deal with a persistent drugs problem. He continued to have problems with drugs throughout the decade, and was in jail again from 2006-2007.

In 2010, Gil Scott-Heron released his final album "I'm New Here", a collaboration with British producer Richard Russell.

He died in New York City on May 27th, 2011.


  • New Black Poet: Small Talk at 125th & Lenox (Flying Dutchman 1970)
  • Pieces of a Man (Flying Dutchman 1971)
  • Free Will (Flying Dutchman 1972)
  • Winter in America (Strata East 1974)
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (1974)
  • The First Minute of a New Day (Arista 1975)
  • From South Africa to South Carolina (Arista 1975)
  • It's Your World [live] (Arista 1976)
  • Bridges (Arista 1977)
  • Secrets (Arista 1978)
  • The Mind Of Gil Scott Heron (Arista 1978)
  • 1980 (Arista 1980)
  • Real Eyes (Arista 1980)
  • Reflections (Arista 1981)
  • Moving Target (Arista 1982)
  • Live at the Town and Country (1988)
  • Tales Of Gil Scott Heron And His Amnesia Express (Peak Top Records 1990)
  • Minister Of Information (Live) (1994)
  • Spirits (TVT 1994)
  • I'm New Here (2010)

some alternates


  • "Re-Ron" - 12" only release (1984)


  • Live at the Bottom Line, August 20, 1977 (with Brian Jackson)
  • Live at the Village Gate, NYC, 1976
  • Live at the Berkeley Community Theater (1978)
  • Live at Lane County Civic Center, Eugene, OR., January 12, 1978
  • Live in Bremen (1983)
  • Live at Glastonbury (1986)

Guest appearances

  • "No Nukes" (various artists, 1979) - includes live "We Almost Lost Detroit"
  • Ron Holloway - "Scorcher" (1996) - GSH on "Is That Jazz" and "Blue Collar"
  • Ron Holloway - "Groove Update" (1998) - solo album by GSH saxophonist, GSH guest vocals on "Three Miles Down" and "We Almost Lost Detroit" versions.
  • Brian Jackson - "Gotta Play" (2000) - GSH on "Parallel Lean/Home is Where the Hatred Is"
  • Blackalicious - "Blazing Arrow" (2002) - GSH on "First in Flight"


  • 'The Revolution Will Not be Televised" - dir. Don Letts (2003)
  • 'Black Wax' - dir. Robert Mugge (1986)

  • - Ghetto Style
1970-1972 tracks from first three albums
  • - Evolution (Flashback): The Best of Gil Scott-Heron
also 1970-1972 tracks, mostly different from "Ghetto Style" selection
  • - The Best Of Gil Scott-Heron (Arista Records 1984)
1974-1984 tracks on Arista Records. The only album with "Re-Ron" , which was a 12"-only release.
  • - Glory: the Gil Scott Heron Collection (1993)
Good full-career selection, 2 discs

  • - The Best Of Gil Scott-Heron Live ONE TWO


zand said...

Exellent job! Thank You very much!

zand said...

We were about to forget this album

1976 - The First Minute Of New Day (Midnight Band)

zand said...

Thank You!!! A great job!!!

Messiah of Soul Power Music Group said...

man this is amazing! i have all but two of these albums....Mr. Heron is definitely the one who got all this "hip-hop" started.....amazing post y'all.....i'm truly grateful for this. thanks. peace


taro nombei said...

many many thanks to all concerned for this brilliant thread with all the GS-H posts. I'm busy filling in a lot of blanks in my collection, and getting back to grips with others I hadn't heard in decades.
deeply appreciated!

dgstv said...

thanks for the visit & comment, your blog is dope man! sorry for the late reply and keep in touch!
it's linked

peace bro

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all these links; Gil is the most underrated artist I know of!!!
Im having trouble downloading 'Real eyes' via the Z share link; when I click the 'Download Now' button it says the link will appear in 20 seconds,when the 20 seconds is up and it tells you to click to download when I click it,it takes me back to the original screen.
Does it make sense to you? Im computer illiterate.

Reza said...

Hey nice blog , only found you because you link to black classical

some great dicogs , so who's next ?

maggotronix said...

great work on this site, it has helped me many a time when looking for the last albums to complete a discography. if you ever consider a pfunk post, let me know I have almost everything the P-Funk was involved with. you can check me out at. peace.

Manu said...

muchas gracias and respect!
Manu de

Christophe said...

Hello, I don't know if the Gil Scot-Heron "Bridges" album listed here is a CD, but mine is, so if You are interested :


Anonymous said...

Dime A Dozen has 8 different Gil shows currently up on it's tracker available for download.I just thought that the people here should check them out.

Link to site:

Links to shows:
Torrent #252820 Gil Scott-Heron - 2000-12-16 - Philadelphia, PA - SBD (RESEED)
Torrent #252818 Gil Scott-Heron - 1987-02-13 - Chicago, IL - SBD (RESEED)
Torrent #252773 Gil Scott-Heron - 1978-01-12 - Eugene, OR - FM (RESEED)
Torrent #252767 Gil Scott-Heron - 1977-08-20 - NYC - SBD (RESEED)
Torrent #252760 Gil Scott-Heron - 1976-mm-dd - NYC - FM (RESEED)
Torrent #207292 Gil Scott-Heron - Bremen 1983 Complete Show - Upgrade *RE-SEED*
Torrent #208815 Gil Scott-Heron, Knitting Factory, NYC 11th September 1999 AUD *RE-SEED*
Torrent #252660 Gil Scott-Heron - Berkeley, CA, 16th January, 1978(SBD)

Anonymous said...

thanks much...just saw gil last week at SOB's...hilarious and beautiful

Anonymous said...

Gil Scott-Heron tickets are on sale for September 5th and 6th 2009 (Labor Day weekend) at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.
2 shows each night.
25 bucks plus a 5 buck service charge per ticket.

A good chance to see a living legend.

klou91 said...

Thanks all of ya for the links... just fantastic!
You guys in Phily are damn lucky. Gil was suppose to do a show here in Paris earlier in July but unfortunetly he still has some issues with the autorities 'cause they didn't let him live the usa.

Anonymous said...

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Best WG

Anonymous said...

Giacomino Parkinson Latest Site On Gil Scott Heron Now At

I am Crediting myself as this blog did not.

Best WG

Anonymous said...

GIL SCOTT-HERON ,this weekend, will be at:
TIN ANGEL 20 S. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Advance tickets for all shows are available by telephone at (215) 928.0978, in person at the club, or online through Comcast Tix. We’ll hold tickets purchased in advance for you at the door on the day of the performance. E-mail the box office or call us with any questions.

For all events, doors open 30 minutes before the listed showtime.

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n2j3 said...

you don't happen to have The Vulture and the Nigger Factory in pdf/text/whatever , do you?

Rob said...

Here's some singles ripped from vinyl:

The zip file includes:
1) Baltimore (b-side of Shut 'Em Down, later renamed "Spirits Past" and included on Spirits CD)

2) Johannesburg (long and short)
3) Re-Ron (3 versions)
4) Space Shuttle (2 versions)
5) War Is Very Ugly (non-GSH b-side to Space Shuttle)
6) The Bottle (the long 16 minute version)
7) The Klan (Moonstew edit).

Anonymous said...

rob, no disrespect, but u need to have ur vpume level straight before u rip to computer, the singles zip was cool, but all songs were in the 100 plus db range and an overload of base wtf for?

Anonymous said...

Great Posts, very thorough. I have yet to see a link for
Rhythms of the Diaspora by Malik & the OG's which feat. GS-H any suggestions?

Viagra Online said...

when Gil Scott-Heron grabbed a microphone and started to sing, people went crazy, his voice was so powerful and I always admired him for that characteristic in particular!

Mrs. Mendez-Morphis said...

I got this show 92-08-02 Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO. maybe you want host it?

Anonymous said...

Gil Scott-Heron - 92-08-02 Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO.rar

Simon666 said...

RIP Gil.
Updated some text.
Added FLAC links for a few albums, probably some other dead links, will check later.
Deleted some spam comments *sigh*

Simon666 said...

Several new FLAC links added

el Biter said...

Dude, i've spent thousands of hours here discovering tons of amazing music... Whoever you are, thank you so much.

namicoso said...


"Moving target" is dead. Can you reload-it please ?

And thanks very much from France !!


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