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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Willie Hutch Discography

b. Willie McKinley Hutchison, 6th December 1944, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

d. 19th September 2005, Duncanville, Texas, U.S.A.


Willie Hutch grew up in Dallas where he sang with The Ambassadors.

He was a graduate of Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas.

He first came to the attention of the music business in 1964 when his debut single 'Love Has Put Me Down' was released by the Soul City Records label.

His songs attracted the attention of The Fifth Dimension who recorded a number of them.

Willie himself recorded with Venture prior to two albums in the early 70's with RCA (including 'Let's Try It Over').

In 1970, he received a phone call from producer Hal Davis who urgently needed a song written to a backing track he had entitled 'I'll Be There'.

By 8 am the next morning, The Jackson 5 were in the studio recording it.

Willie later co-arranged vocals on 'Got To Be There' and 'Never Can Say Goodbye' for the group, impressing Berry Gordy who employed him at Motown on a more permanent basis.

Willie produced the first Smokey Robinson album without The Miracles, and when Sisters Love had a cameo role in 'The Mack', the group's manager suggested Willie record the soundtrack.

The result was 'The Mack', including 'Brother's Gonna Work It Out' and 'Slick', Willie's first album for Motown in 1973. (Willie also worked with Sisters Love on 'Mr Fix-it Man'.)

His other albums at the label included 'The Mark Of The Beast' (1975); 'Concert In Blues' (1976), including 'Party Down'; 'Color Her Sunshine' (1976), including 'I Like Everything About You', 'Havin' A House Party' and 'Fully Exposed' before he joined the Whitfield label for two albums, 'In Tune (1978), including 'Easy Does It', and 'Midnight Dancer'.

In 1982, he wrote 'Keep The Fire Burning' for Gwen McCrae and returned to Motown for three collaborations with Berry Gordy.

The first was a duet for The Four Tops and Aretha Franklin 'What Have We Got To Lose' (1983), the second a song / production for Sammy Davis Jnr, 'Hello Detroit' (1984), and the third a soundtrack album for Berry's film 'The Last Dragon' (1985).

This soundtrack included a Willie Hutch single 'The Glow'.

During this period at Motown he wrote/produced 'Sexy Ways' for The Four Tops and released two albums, 'In And Out' (1985) and 'Making A Game Of Love' (1985), including 'Keep On Jammin'.

Willie has also written and / or produced for The Miracles, The Main Ingredient ('California My Way'), Junior Walker, Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye, among others.

Willie released two albums in the Nineties. 'From The Heart' and 'The Mack Is Back'.

Both sets were well received.

Willie Hutch, sadly passed away on the 19th of September 2005. He was 60.

Article from Soulwalking


  • The Very Best Of Willie Hutch (1998)


Anonymous said...

Pleasze can someone re-up Willie Hutch : Making A Game Of Love (Motown 1985).

Link is down

Thanks all of you !

Anonymous said...

For In & Out:

Anonymous said...

thanks for the Willie

Simon666 said...

Hi there,
I’ve linked to this page as part of my Norman Whitfield discography.
All the Best,

Anonymous said...

for those who don't know. When you download one of these files, please be sure to change the extension to .rar if neccesary.

Simon666 said...

"Soul Portrait" link is gone (it was a Shareoneall). Done a blog search but can't find it. Can someone re-up?

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Thanks Zand!
Linked it up, also re-directed "Midnight Dancer" to the new Funky Disposition site

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zand said...

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Mr. Moo said...

Willie Hutch : Making A Game Out Of Love (1985)

Simon666 said...

Thanks Mr Moo!

Anonymous said...

what is the password to extract "color her sunshine"?

Simon666 said...

First link was dead but I've redirected it to Funkydisposition. Alternate link (Blogsport Soul) has the pasword at the top of the blog.

Anonymous said...

could someone perhaps up some of the stuff he produced?not his actual albums?good looks on these tho?

Simon666 said...

Good idea anonymous.
If you'd like to list some, and you and others are willing to do some link searching, I'm happy to collate it and add it in a new section here.

cheeba said...

Simon, just happened to see this comment today and burned a couple hours getting all the credits sorted. Will pop by and help w/ the links at some point but until then, here's the list:

Michael Jackson - "Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me" (from Got To Be There) [Motown 1972]

Jackson 5 - "I Can Only Give You Love" (from Lookin' Though Windows) [Motown 1972]

The Miracles - "I Wanna Be With You" [Tamla/Motown 1973] (only produced this song from the 7")

Sisters Love - "Try It, You'll Like It" [Tamla/Motown 1973] (only produced this song from the 7")

Sisters Love - "Mr. Fix-It Man" [Tamla/Motown 1973] (only produced this song from the 7")

Smokey Robinson - "Just My Soul Responding" b/w "Sweet Harmony" [Tamla/Motown 1973]

Jr. Walker & The All Stars - "It's Alright", "Do What You Gotta Do" (from Peace & Understanding Is Hard To Find) [Motown 1973]

The Miracles - "I Wanna Be With You", "I Didn't Realize The Show Was Over" (from Renaissance) [Motown 1973]

Smokey Robinson - Smokey [Tamla 1973]

Marvin Gaye - "Try It You'll Like It", "You Are That Special One", "We Can Make It Baby" (from Let's Get It On Deluxe Edition) [Motown 1973]

The Miracles - "Can't Get Ready For Losing You" (from Do It Baby) [Tamla 1974]

G.C. Cameron - "Come Get This Thang", "I'm Gonna Give You Respect", "Your Love Won't Turn Me Loose", "Tippin'" (from Love Songs & Other Tragedies) [Motown 1974]

Smokey Robinson - "A Tattoo" (from Pure Smokey) [Motown 1974]

Smokey Robinson - "A Quiet Storm" [Motown 1975] (Willie credited as co-producer with Smokey on 1986 CD reissue)

Thelma Houston & Jerry Butler - "We Owe It To Ourselves" (from Two To One) [Motown 1978]

21st Creation - "Funk Machine" (from Break Thru) [Gordy/Motown 1978]

The Ballads - "God Bless Our Love", "I Love You, Yeah", "My Baby Knows How To Love Her Man", "Goodnight My Love" (from The Gift of Love) [?]

The Temptations - "The Battle Song (I'm The One)" (from Back To Basics) [Gordy 1983]

Jr. Walker - "In And Out" (from Blow The House Down) [Motown 1983]

Four Tops - "I Can Feel The Magic", "Don't Tell Me That It's Over", "Sexy Ways" (from Magic) [Motown 1985]

Carrie McDowell - "Uh Uh, No No Casual Sex (Part 1)", "When A Woman Loves A Man", "Just Dance", "It's The Power Of Your Love", "I'm Here For You", "The Tracks Of My Tears", "Up The Down Side Of Love" (from Carrie McDowell) [Motown 1987]

The Jaam Bros. - "Shake It Down" (12") [Motown 1990]

The Reason Why - "So Long Letter (In A Picture Frame)" [?]

Also credited as producer on:

7th Wonder - Words Don't Say Enough [Parachute 1978] (listed as a producer but could not find detailed credits)

Various Artsist - Last Dragon OST [Motown 1985] (probably produced his own tracks "The Glow", "Inside You")

Commodores - No Tricks [Motown 1993] (listed as one of many producers by AMG but likely only on the track he wrote "Let's Get Busy")

Anonymous said...

Anybody got From The Heart by Willie Hutch?? It's the only album i'm missing.

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