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Sunday, July 6, 2008

James Brown Discography

b. 3rd May 1933, Barnwell, South Carolina, U.S.A.

d. 25th December 2006, Emory Crawford Long Hospital, Atlanta, U.S.A.


James Brown was a pivotal figure on the Black Music scene.

James Brown claims he was born in 1933 in Macon, Georgia although this seems to be a questionable date. Whether this is the truth or not, only James will know!

Convicted of theft at the age of 16, he was imprisoned at the Alto Reform School, but secured an early release with the help of local singer Bobby Byrd.

James later joined his group, the Gospel Starlighters, who evolved into the Flames.

In 1955, they recorded a demo of 'Please Please Please' at WIBB, a Macon, Georgia radio station.

James BrownBrown And Jagger

Local airplay was such that talent scout Ralph Bass signed the group to the King / Federal company.

A re-recorded version of the song was issued in March 1956. Credited to 'James Brown And The Famous Flames', it eventually climbed to number 5 in the US R & B list.

Further releases did less well until 1958, when 'Try Me' rose to number 1 in the same chart.

Once again Brown found it difficult to maintain this level of success, but 'I'll Go Crazy' and 'Think' (both 1960) ensured some career stability.

From thereon, until 1977, almost every 'official' single charted. However, it was an album, 'Live At The Apollo' (1962), that assuredly established the singer.

This excellent collection confirmed Brown as the voice of Black America. More than 30 years on, this album stands out as one of the greatest live sets.

His singles continued to enthrall: energetic songs such as 'Night Train' and 'Shout And Shimmy' contrasted with such slower sermons as 'I Don't Mind' and 'Bewildered', but it was the orchestrated, 'Prisoner Of Love' (1963), that gave Brown his first US top 20 pop single.

Having charted, Brown was keen to move on.

Dissatisfied with his record label King, he ignored contractual niceties and signed with Smash Records.

By the time his former outlet had taken legal proceedings, 'Out Of Sight' had become another national hit.

The single marked the beginning of a leaner, tighter sound that would ultimately re-structure dance music.

Throughout the 60's, Brown proclaimed an artistic freedom with increasingly unconventional songs, including 'Papa's Got A Brand New Bag', 'I Got You (I Feel Good)', 'It's A Man's Man's Man's World' (with full orchestra) and 'Money Won't Change You'.

In 1967, Alfred Ellis replaced Nat Jones as Brown's musical director and 'Cold Sweat' introduced further radical refinements to the group's presentation.

With Clyde Stubblefield on drums, 'Say It Loud - I'm Black And I'm Proud' (1968), 'Mother Popcorn' (1969), and 'Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine' (1970) were each stripped down to a persistent, rhythmic riff, over which the singer soared, sometimes screaming, sometimes pleading, but always with an assertive urgency.

In 1971, Brown moved to Polydor Records and unveiled a new backing band, the JB's.

Led by Fred Wesley, it featured such seasoned players as Maceo Parker and St. Clair Pinckney, as well as a new generation of musicians.

Elsewhere, former bassist Bootsy Collins defected with other ex-members to George Clinton's Funkadelic.

He continued to enjoy substantial hits.

In 1974, he had three successive number 1 R & B singles in 'The Payback', 'My Thang' and 'Papa Don't Take No Mess (Part 1)', and Brown also scored two film soundtracks, 'Black Caesar' and 'Slaughter's Big Rip Off'.

As the decade progressed, his work became less compulsive, suffering a drop in popularity with the advent of disco.

A cameo role in the movie 'The Blues Brothers' marked time, and in 1980 Brown left the Polydor label.

Subsequent releases on such smaller labels as TK, Augusta Sound and Backstreet were only marginally successful.

Brown returned with a vengeance in 1986 (the year he was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame) with 'Livin' In America', the theme song from the Rocky IV film soundtrack.

An international hit single, it was followed by two R & B Top 10 entries, 'How Do You Stop' (1987) and 'I'm Real' (1988), the latter of which inspired an album of the same name, recorded with soul outfit Full Force.

The Brown resurrection was abruptly curtailed that same year when the singer was arrested after a high-speed car chase.

Charged with numerous offences, including illegal possession of drugs and firearms, aggravated assault and failure to stop for the police, he was sentenced to six and a half years' imprisonment at the State Park Correctional Centre.

He was released in 1991, having reportedly written new material while imprisoned.

Brown's considerable influence has increased with the advent of hip-hop.

New urban-based styles are indebted to the raw funk provided by 'The Godfather of Soul', while Stubblefield's rhythmic patterns, particularly those on 1970's 'Funky Drummer', have been heavily sampled, as have Brown's notorious shouts, screams and vocal improvisations.

Artists as diverse as Public Enemy, George Michael and Sinead O'Connor have featured beats taken from Brown's impressive catalogue.

During the 90's he has continued to have further problems with the law and a continuing battle to quit drugs.

In 1995, he was forced to cope with a tragic medical accident when his ex-wife Adrienne died during surgery for liposuction.

In January 1998, there were new fears for his own health, and he was treated in hospital for addiction to painkillers.

Shortly afterwards he was arrested and charged for possession of marijuana and unlawful use of a firearm.

In December 2006, Brother James had just visited his dentist, who informed the man that something wasn't quite right healthwise, and he should seek some medical attention.

He was suffering from severe pneumonia and passed away at 1:45 a.m. (0645 GMT), on Christmas Day, at Emory Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta after being admitted there over that weekend in 2006, his agent, Frank Copsidas disclosed.

James Brown's body made the journey back to his hometown of Augusta, Georgia, for his funeral.

His influence over dance music styles cannot be ignored. His back catalogue is second to none.






Search the comments here for details of the bootlegs that have direct links.


B-SIDES 0f 45s



Simon666 said...

Hey, I linked up "Bodyheat" and "Gravity".

Anonymous said...

thanks simon, Zand is still sending links at the other blog, so before too longer we will have this completed

zand said...

ok I'll send all links just here.

Flashlight said...

Wow, more updates. Many thanks. There is some amazing funk to be found here.

zand said...

Tell me please, why some of the names of discs are written by bold letters? It means that You have this stuff or something else?

Anonymous said...

the bold are the ones I have and was going to upload, but I haven't got around to do it yet.

Anonymous said...

zand, you can upload the ones in bold if you like. more than likely I probably will not be able to get to upload them

zand said...

I'll try to upload all that I have, but You have not.
then I'll upload bold... to tell the truth I'm going to my vications and haven't so much time to finish this job. but be sure I'l do my best to upload everything I have. If I miss any stuff it means that I haven't it (the same situation with the impressions and hutch)... but i also have any that You didn't write in your list. I'll upload them at the end.

Simon666 said...

Good work Zand!!
I've linked up those few posts now.

Anonymous said...

Almost there! It might be interesting to note that the list is getting even closer to the finish than we think. There are a few titles here with duplicate tracks:

"Try Me" (King 1959) = "The Unbeatable James Brown" (King 1964)

"Shout And Shimmy" (King 1962) = "Excitement Mr. Dynamite" (King 1962)

"Out Of Sight" (Smash 1964) = "James Brown Sings Out Of Sight" (King 1968)

And here's one more for the cause:

James Brown - "Presents His Band Night Train" (King 1961)
direct link:

I hope somebody might be able to come up with the full album of "Hot" (Polydor 1976). It was very nice of Zand to post the 7" single, but, without the entire LP, we'll still be seven tracks short of being able to call this list "complete".

Anonymous said...

A few more items of potential interest, harvested from other blogs (if inappropriate or too far outside the scope of the list here, feel free to delete):

James Brown - "Live In Zaire 1974" (unofficial)
blog link:
direct link:

James Brown - "People" (1980)
blog link:
direct link:
Password: willforall

Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown - "Unity" (Tommy Boy 1984)
blog link:
direct link:
(NOTE: files are in OGG but can be converted to mp3)

James Brown - "I'm Back" (Mercury 1998)
blog link:
direct link:
(NOTE: extremely low bit-rate, 80 kbps)

James Brown "Dynamite X" (remixes; Couch 2007)
blog link:
direct link:
(NOTE: files are in OGG but can be converted to mp3)

J.B.'s - "Hustle With Speed" (1975)
blog link:
direct link:
Password: willforall

Bobby Byrd "Bobby Byrd Got Soul: Best Of Bobby Byrd" (Polydor 1995)
Part 1:
Part 2:

Various Artists - "Sock It To 'Em J.B.: 20 Fabulous Tracks Inspired By James Brown"
blog link:
direct link:

Various Artists - "Good God: Heavy Funk Covers Of James Brown From All Over The World 1968-1974"
blog link:
direct link:

Flashlight said...

Hi SelfScience,

This greatblog:

Has Take A Look At Those Cakes
The Original Disco Man

The password for the files is willforall.

Simon666 said...

Thanks Andyman. I've linked up the James Brown ones, but left out the remixes, the JBs, the Bobby Byrd, the "Inspired by" and the covers album. People can grab them from the comments here, so many thanks.
Also noting that we're still after the album "Hot", and have noted the albums you mentioned with the same tracks.

Simon666 said...

... and thanks Flashlight, added those.

Anonymous said...


Here's a few more links that I came across en route to looking up other things:

James Brown - "Live At The Olympia Paris 1971" (Polydor)
direct link:

James Brown - "Star Time" 4xCD Box (Polydor 1991)
direct link:

Various - "James Brown's Funky People" (Polydor 1985)
direct link:

James Brown - "Reality" (Polydor 1975)
direct link:

James Brown - "Make It Funky" (Polydor 1995)
Part 1:
Part 2:

Hopefully, they're all good and don't involve passwords, but I can't vouch for them first-hand since I already own all the discs and haven't needed to try them...

Simon666 said...

Thanks Andyman.
Have now added a "compilations" and "associated" section for those extra links you provided in various comments.
Hope this is OK by you Selfscience ?

Anonymous said...

Great job your doing here Simon.
I added a couple of more albums to the collection.

Mutha's Nature (1977)
Everybody's Doin The Hustle and Dead On the Double (1975)

thecorrector said...

Finally tagged and uploaded the 1966 Christmas album.

Simon666 said...

hey well done Corrector!

Anonymous said...

Please ! I need password for James Brown - "Live At The Olympia Paris 1971" (Polydor). Thanks!


Simon666 said...

You'll have to chase Andyman for that one. From the look of his post above, he might have found it on another blog, so perhaps do a blogsearch

Anonymous said...

Great work here everyone, one 60's LP I noticed missing was "James Brown Plays Nothing But Soul" (King - 1968). Wish i could add it here but never been able to find it.

Anonymous said...

I've been chasing down a copy of Nothing But Soul for years. I finally found and bought the LP on ebay at one point, but the seller conveniently "misplaced it" before he could ship. Also beware that there was a soul compilation called Nothing But Soul that was falsely making the rounds as the JB album.

Anonymous said...

Please ! I need password for James Brown - "Live At The Olympia Paris 1971" (Polydor). Thanks!
ME TOO...............

Simon666 said...

No word back from Andyman, so I've taken the link off "Live at the Olympia". Sorry guys!

Anonymous said...

Looks like ShareOnAll shut down forever. Can we get the rapidshare links, or the other individual ones? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the link to "Reality" is down. Any way to re-post?


Anonymous said...

Now that we know which albums no longer have working links we can being the re-up process.

Anonymous said...

hi everyone
i finally got the password for "james brown live in olympia paris"

so it's :

Anonymous said...

hi everyone
i finally got the password for "james brown live in olympia paris"

so it's :

Simon666 said...

Hi James -
That's great news, but the file itself has gone (shareoneall has died).
So, sounds like you've got the file - could you upload it ?

Anonymous said...

uploading JB's 60's albums. they should be upload be the end of the day.

Simon666 said...

Hey Selfscience,
Only just saw your message, came here to tell you that I linked up 13 albums to blogs !
Anyway feel free to change anything of course :

added one new one :

Sex Machine Live (1971)

and linked up :

Please, Please, Please (King 1959)
Excitement Mr Dynamite (King 1962)
James Brown And His Famous Flames Tour The USA (King 1962)
Live At The Apollo (King 1963)
Prisoner Of Love (King 1963)
Grits And Soul (Smash 1964)
Ain't It Funky (King 1970)
Black Caesar (Polydor 1973)
Slaughter's Big Rip-Off (Polydor 1973)
Sex Machine Today (Polydor 1975)
Get Up Offa That Thing (Polydor 1976)
The Next Step (CNR Records 2003)

Anonymous said...

did all the re-ups I could do with JB. I was not able to get the late 70's and 80's albums before the links went down. hopefully someone will come through.

Simon666 said...

Good job selfscience.
Spending time here when I can, just added links to two :

Nonstop! (Polydor 1981)
Universal James (1993)

Anonymous said...

hi everyone
as you want it i re-up
Live At The Olympia Paris 1971

so this is the link:

don't know how to make it on the site so please do it if you can .

ps : no password needed !

thanks again for this great site

Simon666 said...

Thanks James!
I've linked it up.

Anonymous said...

thanks james and simon

Simon666 said...

Added links to :

Jam 1980's (Polydor 1978)
Live at Studio 54, New York (1981)
I'm Real (Scotti Brothers 1988)

Added to compilations :

"Roots of a Revolution" (compilation 1956-64, 43 songs)

Added to associated :

J. Rocc Presents - James Brown And Friends Pt. 2 (2008 ) (DJ mix)

Simon666 said...

... and one more :

Added to Associated :

J. Rocc Presents - James Brown And Friends (Pt. 1) (DJ mix)

J Thyme...kind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J Thyme...kind said...

Hey Simon, Just wanted to comment on "Sex Machine Live (1971)". Since I was born in 1958, then I was 13 years old when this record was rocking my universe FUNKY. All I can say about this record is "Fuck Elvis Presley".

Simon666 said...

Hey J Thyme :)
Elvis who ????? lol

J Thyme...kind said...

James is so tasty he even produced - Dee Felice Trio "In Heat" [1969 Bethlehem Jazz] I hope you've heard it? It's very cool & offbeat.

Simon666 said...

Hi Justin -
Yeah that's a great album.
I've added a blog link for it in the "Associated" section ...

Simon666 said...

Added a compilation :

"Messing With the Blues" - blues songs 1957-85, mainly 60s

Simon666 said...

Added a link to FLAC files for "Soul on Top" (1969)

Simon666 said...

Added a link in the "associated" section :

"Doin' James" - G.A.M.M. All-Stars (cut-ups & edits using James Brown samples)

Some good, some bad - the Red Astaire track "You Dead Wrong" is a killer.

zand said...

Funky President (1993)

Simon666 said...

thanks zand!
linked up now

Elias said...

Could somebody please let me know where can I find the record "I got you (I feel good) of 1966 ? The link in the blog is already dead. Thanks !

Simon666 said...

Hi guys,
just did a "maintainence run' on this one, checked all 92 links (!!).

De-linked the dead ones, they were :

Out Of Sight (Smash 1964)

I Got You (I Feel Good) (King 1966)

James Brown Sings Christmas Songs (King 1966)

Hot On The One - (Live in Japan) (Polydor 1980)

Will do a search around and get back ...

Simon666 said...

okayyyyyy ....

Of those four, I found a new link for :

Out Of Sight (Smash 1964)

Also added the following :


Live at Chastain Park (DVD audio rip?) (1985)

"All Time 20 Greatest Hits"

"James Brown's Funky People 2" (Polydor 1988)
"James Brown's original Funky Divas"
(both of these are fantastic btw, click and see)

Added two new categories :


Live in Monterey, California (1979)

** B-SIDES 0f 45s

"Cold Sweat Pt 2" - 45 single B-side
"Santa Claus is Definitely here to stay" - 45 single B-side
"Aint it Funky Now Pt 2" - 45 single B-side
"Make It Funky Pt 2" - 45 single B-side

Finally, I added a lot of alternative links for various albums.

Anonymous said...

Hey fella's. Can I get up an do my thang? Look, These links are in BAD file extensions context; and can't be converted to MP3, WAV, etc. or a Windows Media context to play, or to decompress or extract using WIN RAR. Just files that don't play. The ONLY BAD file extensionb that played was JAMES Brown Plays Today and Tomorrow. Check the PROPERTIES of these files and let us all know. Let's try to be consistent and uniform so these GREAT 2nd chances for folks like me to rebuild tier PRECIOUS JB collections. CXna someone RE_UP these in MP3 or Windows Media format PLEASE? The non-playing files/titles/links are:
Live At The Garden (King 1967); Mighty Instrumentals (King 1966), and many that do play are incomplete or broken into dead spots . Please check these two and get bacl with me.

Simon666 said...

Hi Anonymous -
SelfScience's FAQ from the front page :

Q: What is a BAD file?

A: I rename my files to BAD so files won't be so obvious to recognize. BAD files are really RAR files. Change the extension from .bad to .rar.

Q: How do I change the file extension?

A: Go to Tools, then Folder Options, then click the View tab, and lastly uncheck the "hide all file extensions" box.

Simon666 said...

Added a comp :
"James Brown Jazz" (2007) and a few alternate links

MaJic said...

God Bless This Page!!!

Universal James is gone :(

Simon666 said...

Hi Majic -
link now fixed :)

MaJic said...

thanks man...i already had the album but it was from a crappy know i had this wonderful idea of creating the ULTIMATE JB comp.....of course by ultimate i mean EXHAUSTIVE (it would take up at the most, possibly 13 CDs), but would basically be Star Time + the Polydor compilations (Foundations of Funk, etc) + whatever songs i thought are really revelant (killing is out, world, etc).

PS If anyone wants, i would be more than happy to donate to you guys:

A Family Affair

MaJic said...

also not to be ungrateful or anything, but does any1 have a better quality version of "I'm back" to share?

MaJic said...

OH one more thing b4 i forget if anyone wants it..

On Disc 2 of Live At The Apollo (Vol 2), there is a pregap track which contains about 2 to 4 min of Frankie and Sad Sam talking and joking b4 they bring James back...anyone interested? i would upload it now, but i am currently ripping a DVD and dont wanna disturb it. Just go on my profile and im me via my Aim Sn (if you have a sn yourself to remind me. Thx)

Anonymous said...

Hi There

Thanks so much to all for their contributions. I see that you are still missing Hot - I have uploaded.
(Note: source was an old cassette of mine which I converted)

Simon666 said...

Thanks a lot anonymous, I've linked it up!

Simon666 said...

... and MaJic ... sorry for slow reply .. anything you'd like to upload here would be appreciated by all :)

MaJic said...

Here You Go

Pregap (meant to be listened to before track 1 of Disc 2 of LATA, V2)

MaJic said...

As a bonus (I know yall will probably be praising me for this), here is the b-side to Think '73. George Harrison has said this is his favorite cover of this song. Hope ya'll enjoy.

James Brown - Something

(just click where it says 'download file')

MaJic said...

Just to give you guys a List of what i DO have (that may/maynot be rare):

Payback - Final Mixdown (vinyl)
Funk On Ah Roll (Garage Classic) [youtube rip]
God has Smiled on me (d/led from another blog)
gutbucket (internet rip)
living in america (extended) [vinyl]
please please please (TAMI Show) [youtube rip]
there was a time (kenny dope remix) [mp3]
a family affair [cd]
cant get any harder [2x12" promo] (vinyl)
payback (coldcut mix) (vinyl but havent ripped it yet)

Simon666 said...

Added a link for 'Hot On The One - (Live in Japan) (Polydor 1980) '.

Majic! i'll have to catch up on your posts soon, thanks man. .

Simon666 said...

OK new additions :

ASSOCIATED section :

# "Jump Back : A Tribute to James Brown" (2008) - see link for details


"Something" (B-side of 'Think') from MaJic

ALBUMS section :

# pre-gap dialogue track for 'Live at the Apollo vol 2' (7 mb) from MaJic

Thanks for your stuff MaJic, any of that other stuff you'd like to upload would be much appreciated by folks ...

MaJic said...

and now for my next act:

"There Was A Time (Kenny Dope Remix)"

I downloaded this from (when it was MP3 of the Day), but if you want to get your own quality copy, it is available on "Verve Remixed, Volume 4".

Simon666 said...

Thanks Majic, added it.

Also established a few new categories.

Re "The James Brown Family" section : If anyone's in the mood for finding links for the JBs and Bobby Byrd catalogues, go for it!

MaJic said...


Quite possibly, the final JB song recorded. This made a debut on the compilation "James Brown's Funky Summer," given away with issues of the August 2006 issue of Mojo magazine. The GodFather was called home less than 5 months later.



PS. Simon the links from the RHO-XS Blog are no longer valid.

Simon666 said...

Thanks MaJic, added "Gutbucket".

Re dead links :

Added new links for :

# Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown - "Unity" (Tommy Boy 1984)

# "Dynamite X" (remixes; Couch 2007)

Couldn't find :

# Live at Studio 54, New York (1981) also "Live in New York" release with one less track)

# "The CD of JB" (some rarities and unreleased tracks)

Also added to "The James Brown Family" section :

# J.B.'s "Pass the Peas" (Best Of) (2000)

# Maceo Parker - "Mo' Roots" (1991)

# Maceo Parker - 'Funk Overload" (1998)

Anonymous said...

James Brown Funky People Part 3

Simon666 said...

Thanks dvoid! Added :)

Anonymous said...

James Brown Original Funky Divas 2 CD compilation

Simon666 said...

Thanks for all your stuff today dvoid. I've got that one - it's a GREAT comp folks, features Lynn Collins, Vicki Anderson, Marva Whitney and others. Anyway, replaced the dead link with your one.

Simon666 said...


# "Soul Pride - the Instrumentals 1960-69" (2 disc)
# "The Singles - v1: 1956-60, v2 : 1960-63"


# J.B.'s 'Doing it to Death' (1975)
# J.B.'s 'Funky Good Time - The Anthology" - Vol 1
# J.B.'s 'Funky Good Time - The Anthology" - Vol 2
# J.B.'s 'Food For thought' (1972)
# J.B.'s & Fred Wesley - Damn Right I Am Somebody (1974)
# "James Brown's Funky People's Greatest Breakbeats"
# Maceo & All the Kings Men - 'Doin' Their Own Thing' (1970)
# Maceo Parker - 'Us' (1974)
# Maceo & All the Kings Men - 'Funk Music Machine' (1975)
# Maceo Parker - 'Roots Revisited' (1990)
# Maceo Parker - "Mo' Roots" (1991)
# Maceo Parker - 'Funk Overload" (1998) / alternate
# Maceo Parker - 'Dial M-A-C-E-O' (2000)
# Maceo Parker - 'Brooklyn Fest' (date?)
# Maceo Parker - "Roots and Groove" (2008) / alternate
# Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns - A Blow For Me, A Toot To You (1979)
# Fred Wesley - Wuda Cuda Shuda (2003)

Simon666 said...

Love Over-Due (Scotti Brothers 1991)
added, donation by jzane

MaJic said...

Living In America 12"

1. Extended
2. Dubstramental

Simon666 said...

Thanks MaJic!

sdot said...

The link for James Brown Presents his band/Night Train does not work. Can you repost the link? Thank you.

Simon666 said...

hi slamjamz -
replaced it with a blog link, check it now

Anonymous said...

Hey all,
I tried downloading Bobby Byrd got soul which I have on cassette and I have been wanting on cd, but is out of print. the link asked for a password and 'willforall' did not work.
any help?
thanks so much.

Simon666 said...

Checked through the comments, and that one came from Andyman.

Any help Andyman ?

Simon666 said...

Bootleg added :

James Brown and the Soul Generals feat. Maceo Parker: Bridgeport 1987 (Soundboard) FLAC
J B Tray
Klein Auditorium
Bridgeport, Ct.
November 27th, 1987

Disc 1
1. Intro jam
2. James brown intro
3. Givit up Or turn it loose
4. livin' in america
5. gonna have a funky good time
6. Georgia
7. get on the good foot
8. what my mama said
9. make it funky
10. no business like show business
11.civic announcement
12. how do you stop?
13. I got the feelin'

disc 2
1. It's a man's world
2. superbad
3. take me out to the ballgame
4. jam-superbad
5. what my mama said #2
6. papa's got a brand new bag
7. please,please,please
8. i feel good
9. jam-i feel good
10. outta sight
11. Outtro jam
12. end jam

This is a high energy James Brown concert featuring the esteemed Mr. Maceo Parker on saxaphone, it is also an excellent recording,
Enjoy !!

Simon666 said...

Link added to "James Brown family" section :

Fred & the new J.B.'s - 'Breakin' Bread' (1974)

Anonymous said...

Say It Live & Loud: Live Dallas 1968(Released in 1998)

Simon666 said...

Thanks anonymous, linked up for '68 (with a note re '98 release)

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Bobby Byrd Got Soul link: the webmaster for the blog the link originated from ( recently added password protection to his files.

The password is: LUCY

Sorry I wasn't on this sooner!

Simon666 said...

Hi Andyman,
If the files came from the good Dr okeh's site I'd much rather switch the links back to his blog, so he gets thanks for uploading. Have you got a link to the page where the albums are ?

Simon666 said...

Don't worry, I had a chat with the Dr and he was cool with us posting them here, links back up and password added.

Simon666 said...

New additions to the "James Brown Family" section :

# J.B.'s International - Jam II Disco Fever (1978)

# J.B.s - Groove Machine (1979)

# Sweet Charles - For Sweet People From Sweet Charles (1974)

# The J.B. Horns - "I Like it Like That" (1994)

# The J.B.'s Reunion - "Bring the Funk On Down" (2002)

Simon666 said...

"Live in New York" (1981).

Nice new rip by Smooth over at Baby Grandpa's, added to discography ...

Anonymous said...

Please can you resend the album Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, it doesnt exist :/

Simon666 said...

New link up for "Papa's Got a Brand new Bag".

Self-Science, unfortunately these other links of your are dead, and I can't find alternatives :

The Amazing James Brown (King 1961)

James Brown Plays James Brown Today And Yesterday (Smash 1965)

The James Brown Show (Smash 1967)

James Brown Presents His Show Of Tomrrow (King 1968)

Simon666 said...

New link added :

"Thinking About Little Willie John And A Few Nice Things (King 1968)"

Anonymous said...

The Amazing James Brown (King 1961)

If you want to check that is in order the link:

Is a spanish forum, i am making the collection, and i picked links of this blog

When i upload, i can put the link of James Brown Plays James Brown Today And Yesterday (Smash 1965), i have the CD.

PD: Thanks for the album of Papa's Got a Brand new Bag

Simon666 said...

Thanks anonymous!
I added the forum link, so that people can see the tracklist and details.
It would be great to get that other album, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to let you know that your link for the 1966 album 'mighty instrumentals' is incorrect.

the original album has different song titles and a different cover. this was an album release, not a compilation.

the one you have posted is a much later compilation that happens to have the same title.

here is some info on the original:

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the info anonymous.

It seems that the 60s-70s comp has been posted in many places under the "1966" title, for example here, and yes it's quite a different tracklist.

I've moved our one down to the compilations section under the title "Mighty Instrumentals (60s-70s comp)". Looks to me like a 70s cover, but can't find a release date, anyone help?

I had a good search around and can't find the 1966 album anywhere, so if anyone knows a location for that, or can upload it, that of course would also be appreciated :) I've left it up there as a blank entry for now.

Simon666 said...

Added to Videos :

JB Live in Paris (1970) avi - 6 part download.

Added to compilations :

"The Singles" Vol 1-3 FLAC
"The Singles" Vol 4-5 MP3

Simon666 said...

Added to "James Brown Family" section :

# The Legendary Meters featuring The J.B. Horns Live at the Moonwalker - vol 1 (1991)

# The Legendary Meters featuring The J.B. Horns Live at the Moonwalker - 2nd Helping (1991)

zand said...

James Brown Plays James Brown Today And Yesterday (Smash 1965)

Mighty Instrumentals (King 1966)

I Got You (I Feel Good) (King 1966)

Simon666 said...

Thanks Zand, you're a total hero :)

zand said...

James Brown Sings Christmas Songs (King 1966)

Simon666 said...

thanks again, linked up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to zand for their uploads, are incredibles oO.

I said that i would upload the album:
James Brown - Plays James Brown Today And Yesterday but zand has uploaded it, but i put a link of alternative and the information. (the forum withi the link and information)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but that's still not the right version of 'Mighty Instrumentals."

Simon666 said...

Anonymous #1 - thanks for the alternate link, have added.

Anonymous #2 - thanks for the info, I've moved Zand's "Mighty Instrumentals" down to the compilations section as an alternate for the 60s-70s comp of the same name, and recreated a blank entry for the 1966 album. Everyone note that there's an "info" link next to the 1966 entry that points to the correct tracklisting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delay, if you still need them:

James Brown Presents His Show Of Tomorrow (King 1968)

The James Brown Show (Smash 1967)

Simon666 said...

Thanks a lot for re-upping those. much appreciated!

I've also added Fred Wesley's "House Party" (1980) to the James Brown family section.

MaJic said...

SOMETHIN" SPECIAL - Picked it up 2day!

Gravity - Single

1. Extended Dance Mix
2. 7" Edit
3. 12" Dub Mix
4. The Big "G" (Dig This Mess)

Simon666 said...

Thanks MaJic!

Anonymous said...

"1963 Prisoner of Love"
"1975 Sex Machine Today"
Dead links. Somebody have alternative links?

Simon666 said...

Well yes, we had working alternative links for both of those albums above.
Anyway, I've now made the alternative links into the main ones.

Bourreau fais ton office said...

Thank you for the James Brown discography, specialy for the heavy funk-"decline" era.

Here an alternate link for "Get on the Good Foot"(rar - because i don' t like flp files):

Simon666 said...

Thanks Bourreau fais ton office, I've added it.

AlDiRo said...

someone said that prisioner of love, the link dead, y put this:

if you want only the link is:

And also i am looking to find this album:
James Brown - Soul Classics
James Brown - Soul Classics Vol.II

If someone have it, please pick up

Thank Simon for you excellent post ;)

Simon666 said...

Thanks AlDiRo - added that as an alternate.

New addition : see top of SINGLES section -

The Last Word : "Keep On Bumpin' Before You Give Out Of Gas"/ "Funky & Some" (1974) 7" single

Arranged by JB, written and produced by JB and Fred Wesley. 1974 single.

"Keep On Bumpin'.." has been on a few better known comps, such the JB 'anthology' album above, but I don't think we've got "Funky & Some" anywhere else .... anyway they're both great tracks, check the link.

I've seen 'The Last Word" lineup listed as Alfred Ellis, Fred Wesley, James Brown, Maceo Parker. Then I've seen a lineup for 'Keep on Bumpin' listed as :

Bass - Gordon Edwards
Guitar - Charlie Brown (7)
Trombone - Michael Gipson
Trumpet - Lew Soloff
Vocals - Tasha Thomas

Anyway check it out :)

MaJic said...

Hey simon i wanna clear something up...the non-links (LATA 1995, for example): are they blank because of their commercial availability or bcuz no one has uploaded it yet?

Simon666 said...

Hi MaJic -
It's because no-one has uploaded them yet (or I haven't been able to find then on blogs/forums)

Anonymous said...

Hi MaJic, with my tnx a lot from Russia.there is another one album of Brown---


Simon666 said...

Hi Vel_Kam,
there is a mistake in your link, it does not work :

See the '...' after 'Jame'.

Could you check again please, would love to hear this!

Anonymous said...

link from Russia again

Anonymous said...

Hy, Simon666 .Tnx alot again...
links - Gravity don't working ...
here good link ;
Password - ThaGame
Quality: 192Kbps

James Brown - Please Please Please (1959)
Quality: 192Kbps
Password - ThaGame
James Brown - Think (1960)
Quality: 192Kbps
Password - ThaGame

Simon666 said...

Hi - Thanks for "Bring It On", I have linked it up.

I found some other links for "Gravity" and put them up.

I can't work ou how to download from those russian pages, but thanks for your help anyway.

Anonymous said...

hi,Simon666,its a pitty that you can't workin'on russain site, but I understand -the same with my work on china pages too...
Live at Chastain Park (1985) no one links working...
there are two links for best album J.B.(on himself opinion,I mean J.B.)The Payback-1973;

in 320kbs,this better than have you,by the way second alternate link on this album on your site don't work too...
sorry for my bad english, with my best wishes for you...

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the Payback links Vel_Kam, added.

I've de-linked "Live at Chastain Park". If anyone downloaded this when the links were working, it would be appreciated if you could re-up, thanks.

Simon666 said...

New covers album added :

"Doing the James Brown"

Check the description at the link :

Simon666 said...

New video!

Live at the Apollo (1971) avi - 7 part download

AlDiRo said...

James Brown - Jump Around (1962) (information) (link)

AlDiRo said...

James Brown - Mighty Instrumentals (1966)

Simon666 said...

Thanks AIDiRO!
Good to finally get the correct "Mighty Instrumentals" ... and the other one we didn't have listed. Both linked now :)

AlDiRo said...

Thanks you Simon, i re-up James Brown - Santa's Got A Brand New Bag (1988):

AlDiRo said...

James Brown - Love Over-Due (1991)

Simon666 said...

Thanks again AIDiRo !
All linked up

AlDiRo said...

James Brown - Funky Christmas (1995)

AlDiRo said...

I have others albums that aren't hear, i am going to up all of them, and firstly i re-up this:

James Brown - Funky President (1993)

Simon666 said...

Thanks a lot Alejandro!
Linked up, and moved "Funky President" down to the compilations.
Looking forward to your other ones, much appreciated!

AlDiRo said...

James Brown - At Studio 54 (1994) (I am not sure if the album with all tracks :/)

James Brown - On Stage At Studio 54 (1999)

James Brown - 40th Anniversary Collection (1996)

James Brown & the Soul G's - Live at Chastain Park (2006)

James Brown - Funky Goodtime - Live at Chastain Park 1985 (1985)

Simon666 said...

Thanks for all that Alejandro!
Linked up :)

AlDiRo said...

James Brown - Funky Men (2006)
James Brown - Funk Power 1970 - A Brand New Thang (1996)

James Brown - Ballads (2000)

James Brown - Live At Montreux (1981)

Simon666 said...

Thanks again Alejandro!

MaJic said...

oh thanx 4 the info simon...i'll upload it and some goodies asap

Anonymous said...

A truly outstanding site!

Can anyone re-up the Make It Funky...The Big Payback: 1971-1975 comps?


Simon666 said...

Found one and linked it anonymous - tell me if it's the whole thing ..

Sean said...

The Jam 1980's Album is improperly tracked, Has the Live and not studio version of 'Jam' and the alternate version of 'Nature' from the 'Funky Men' Cd, Not the Original Album Version

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the info Sean.
Do you have the original versions, and if so, can you upload them for us?

I've looked around and can only find copies of the version we have - except for one of those annoying French "exchange" blogs, which has the original listed :

showing the full lengths :

01.Jam (11:40) (Studio)
03.Nature (10:12) (Studio)

Anyway any help appreciated ...

Simon666 said...

Does anyone know if THIS album :

is the same as THIS one ?

AlDiRo said...

James Brown - The Singles Vol.3 1964-1965 (2007) (mp3)

James Brown - The Godfather - The Very best Of (2002)

James Brown - Star Time (1991) (1 link)

Simon666 said...

Thanks Alejandro, all added :)

MaJic said...

Jam and Nature

MaJic said...

Cant get any harder 2x12"

Simon666 said...

Thanks MaJic :)
I've put the "Can't Get Any Harder" remixes in the "REMIX / MIXTAPES / MASH" section.

I might re-up the "Jam 1980s" album with your other two tracks added as a single folder, thanks again.

AlDiRo said...

I re-up:
V.A. - James Brown's Funky People (1986)

Simon666 said...

Thanks AlDiRo :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Simon666...
It's Vel_Kam from Russia again...
Here link for Maceo Parker_Southern Exposure (1993)
320 kbs:

Simon666 said...

Thanks Vel_Kam!
All linked up :)

zand said...

1988 - Soul Session Live

Simon666 said...

You're a digging master Zand :)

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody,
Thanks for all the informations,
and a special thanks for all this amazing muzik, that's rock'sss man!
I tried to take the album "I'm real" from James Brown but a password is needed, and i can't find it,
Some help please?

Simon666 said...

Hi anonymous -
Check the comments in the linked page.

Anonymous said...

Нy, Simon666 , there a link from

Simon666 said...

Thanks as always Vel_Kam !

Anonymous said...

Hy,Simon666... I was suppoused for minute before ,that all albums
JB already are on the site , but one my russian friend opened my eys--here not still " PLAYS NOTHING BUT SOUL"-1968 and even empty link for this...Why???
With best wishes Vel_Kam

Simon666 said...

Don't know why it was missing ... but added now ! (though I can't find it)
Thanks Vel_Kam ...

Simon666 said...

Added to SINGLES :

"Rapp Payback - Where Iz Moses?" (1980, 12")


"Motherlode" (69-73 material)
Contains some unreleased tracks :

"During the mid- and late '80s, after Brown and Polydor parted ways, the label began to reissue his work, some of which had been out of print for close to a decade. Motherlode is one of the finest compilations. Coming a few years after In the Jungle Groove, a compilation effort that culled some of Brown's harder-edged 1969-1971 tracks, this covers 1969-1973 and has the smoothness of a regular release effort.

By this point, Motherlode producers Cliff White and Tim Rogers began to know more about Brown's "classic" work than he did and could do compilations where the tracks were all potent. This set starts off with an explosive live take of "There It Is" recorded at the Apollo in 1972. 1969's "She's the One" with his late-'60s orchestra has great guitar work from both Jimmy "Chank" Nolan and Alphonso "Country" Kellum. Since most of the tracks here weren't hits, or were even released, it provides a fresh interpretation of Brown's production style and the skills of his players. "Untitled Instrumental" features Brown's rock and psychedelic-influenced unit, with included guitarist Phelps Collins and his brother, Bootsy Collins, and his singular bass skills. The heart of this CD, however, is "People Drive Your Funky Soul." Originally on Slaughter's Big Rip Off in a too brief 3:50 version, Motherlode brings the entire take to the public for the first time. The track, which manages to subtly cross reggae with bebop, again features Brown with his 1971-1975 band and it exhibits their chemistry and the band's unbelievable versatility. Although Motherlode has been lost in the shuffle due to a plethora of other compilations, this is still illuminating and enjoyable."

Simon666 said...

Added to James Brown anthology :

Vicki Anderson: Mother Popcorn - The Anthology (2004)

Simon666 said...

new DVD link! :

Double Dynamite! (Studio 54 - New York City 1980 / Chastain Park - Atlanta 1985) - 4.29gb

Simon666 said...

"There it Is" (1972) - Flac link added

Anonymous said...

Hi,Simon666,have a look please on these links:
St. Clair Pinckney - Do You Like It-1987--

James Brown - Its A Mans Mans Mans World Live In New York (1980)---

Good Luck to you, Vel_Kam

MaJic said...

dont know where u would put this

Black Eyed Peas featuring JB - They Don't Want Music (from "Monkey Business")

Coming Soon - The Pete Rock Remix

Simon666 said...

Thanks MaJic :)
I made a new "miscellaneous" section for that - maybe if some more collaborations come up, I'll make a new section of that ...

MaJic said...

oh ok. i was actually gonna say to put it in the misc. section b4 i looked and saw there wasnt one!

So here u go.

Black Eyed Peas (feat. JB) - They Don't Want Music [Pete Rock Remix] (From Renegotiations - Tme Remixes)

Simon666 said...

Thanks again MaJic !

Simon666 said...

OK, sideman discography added lol :)

So far added :

# Piano : Al Green - "Have A Good Time" (1976)

# Piano : Ann Peebles - "If This Is Heaven" (1978)

# Performer : Aretha Franklin - "Through the Storm" (1989)

Needed :

# Piano : O.V. Wright - "That's How Strong My Love Is" (1976)

# Piano : O.V. Wright - "Into Something (Can't Shake Loose)" (1977)

# Piano : O.V. Wright - "The Wright Stuff/O.V. Wright Live" (late 70s, re-rls 1987)

# Vocals : Class A Felony - "Class A Felony" (1993) - or is that just a hiphop sample???

# Vocals : Phillip Bent - "The Pressure" (1993)

Simon666 said...

Six James Brown bootlegs have been added.

Many thanks to DANIEL for alerting us to these in the shoutbox. See the Bootlegs section for download links.

These were originally posted at the guitar101 forum by ‘Jogrant’ , who said “please share and get these out there”, so I’m using direct links.

One of them was just called “Africa”, and was actually a copy of the 1974 Zaire show, so I’ve added that one as an alternate link.

Seems to be a word limit here so I'll post details over a few comments

Simon666 said...

** 1970 Salem Virginia (November 20) **

1 Intro
2 Can’t stand it
3 It’s a new day
4 Bewildered
5 There was a time
6 Sex machine
7 Try me
8 I Got the feelin
9 Give it up
10 thanks
11 talking
12 It’s a man’s world
13 Please please please
14 Sex machine (Part II
15 Superbad


** 1973 – SWITZERLAND **

This was released by Big Fro as "Avalanche of funk" at one time, but hard to find now.

Simon’s note : Disc One (JBs) is missing ; waiting for re-up ….

DISC 1-JBs set

1 Intro
2 Backstabbers
3 Hot pants road
4 Theme from shaft
7 Pass the peas
8 Party
9 Me & mrs jones
10I'll take you there
11 1Never gonna give you up
12 Do your thing
13 Think


1 Intro
2 Get on the goodfoot
3 Soul power
4 Make it funky
5 Bewildered
6 Super bad
7 Try me
8 Hot pants
9 Sex machine
10 I've got a bag of my own
11 Its a mans world
12 Please please please
13 Can't stand it
14 Cold sweat

Simon666 said...

** 1974 – Hartford and more **

Here is a nice comp of James Brown that has never been around. It includes near complete Hartford show from 1974, some of the Beacon theater 77 which is very vintage and classics because you can hear the audience and James rap is interesting. There is an extra song from Midnight special as well as Get up offa, which is on the new Midnight special discs. Probably will never see Refuse!.
The second disc has a press conference and a Speech that he gave in Zambia in 1970, he also sings unaccompanied at the end. The speech is dramatic because he speaks on what it is to be a black man and he talks about how he grew up. Very historic collection. Hope you enjoy!


1 You can have Watergate
2 Soul power 74
3 Intro
4 Payback
5 Soul power
6 Ants in my pants
7 Doin it to death
8 Try me
9 What my baby needs now
10 Gimme some more
11 Get on the good foot
12 Good foot (Part II
13 It’s a mans world (tease
14 Stone to the bone
15 intro
16 Sex machine

17 It’s a mans world/James' rap
18Kiss in 77

19 Get up offa that thing
20 applause
21I refuse to lose

22Its a new day(some German guy talking over
23 Try me


1-press conf/speech (jb starts about 10 mins in
2-it’s a mans world (acapella)


** 1974 - Apollo Theater – November 30th **

Disc one :

JB’s set

1 All for one
2 All for one (Part II
3 Intro by Danny Ray
4 Same beat
5 Damn right I am somebody (JBs)
6 Pass the peas (JBs)
7 Intro/Payback
8 Soul power
9 The boss
10 Make it funky
11 Doin it to death
12 talking
13 Man has to go back to the crossroads
14 Try me
15 Try me (Part II
16 Gimme some more (JBs)
17 Cold sweat
18 Can’t stand it
19 Can’t stand it (Part II)
20 Papa’s got a brand new bag
21 Sex machine
22 Sex machine (part II)
23 Papa don’t take no mess

Disc 2 Apollo

1 Papa’s got a brand new bag
2 Mind power
3 Please please please
4 For the love of money (JB’s)
5 Payback
6 My thang

IN CONCERT 12/9/74

7 Papa don’t take no mess
8 break
9 Cold sweat
10 Cant stand it
11 Papa’s got a brand new bag
12 Soul power 74 (Maceo
13 Soul power 74 Part II
15 Doin it to death(cut
16 Doin it to death (full
17 Funky president
18 Make it funky
19 Make it funky (Part II
20 Sex machine
21 intro
22 Breakin bread (JBs
23 Gimme some more (JBs / It’s a man’s world /Wide
awake in a dream (Lyn Collins)

Simon666 said...

** 1978 Apollo Theater – July 17 **

1 Doin it to death
2 Get up offa that thang
3 Give me some skin
4 Eyesight
5 Georgia
6 Kiss in 77
7 Sex machine Today
8 It’s a mans world
9 Get on the good foot
10 Cold sweat
11 Can’t stand it
12 Papa’s got a brand new bag
13 Please please please
14 Jam


** 1992 San Francisco Hilton Ballroom - October 12, 1992 **

Living In America
Get Up Offa That Thing
Gonna Have A Funky Good Time
Heavy Juice - band introductions
It's A Man's World
Get On The Good Foot
Prisoner Of Love
Georgia On My Mind
Hot Pants
Cold Sweat
Can't Stand It
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
I Feel Good
Please Please Please
Sex Machine

That's it, thanks again Daniel for the alert :)

Anonymous said...

someone, Plays Nothing But Soul ,please...woul'd be glad even vinil rip...

Anonymous said...

It seems that appear troubles with
on wich was link for
--Thinking About Little Willie John and a Few Nice Things (King 1038) 1968---
The link here:

Simon666 said...

Thanks vel_kam

Sean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Simon666 said...

Don't have any of those unfortunately Sean.
Of course, it would be appreciated if you have anything to donate here, whether or not those others turn up - this thread has been put together by people's donations as well as the usual blog links.

Captain Beyond said...

Hi, does anyone have "The Singles" Vol. 4 and up in FLAC format?

Cpt. Beyond

Simon666 said...

Added to James Brown family :

Lyn Collins - "Think (about it)" (1972)

Simon666 said...

Comp added :

Gold Collection, 2 CD, FLAC :

Simon666 said...

Comp added :

"The Soul Experience"

Anonymous said...

Hi, Simon666...
As I see links for PAPA'S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG have dieyd there are nice site with several Brown's exellent quality uploads there;

Also I must to say you that in list of "hard working man" albums
missin' "HOOKED ON BROWN "1996 SCOTTI BROS. 72392 75508-2...
With my best wishes, Vel_Kam.

Simon666 said...

Thanks Vel_Kam, all done :)

MaJic said...

Hey Simon glad you're maintaining this a week or 2, I will be obtaining some rare remixes of Can't Get Any Harder....see you then!

Simon666 said...

hey MaJic, sounds great :)

Anonymous said...

Hi,Simon/...Glad introdused to your sight this blog with James Brown - Live At The Garden (Expanded Edition)---

Simon666 said...

thanks vel_kam! Added :)

MaJic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MaJic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MaJic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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