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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bobby Womack Discography

b. Bobby Dwayne Womack, 4th March 1944, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Bobby Womack comes from a large family.

Various family members have been successful in their own right (Womack & Womack etc.)

He was one of the founding members of the Valentino's and was part of the late Sam Cooke's band as a gutiarist.

Bobby was later to cause a little scandal by marrying Sam's ex-widow, Barbara Campbell.

The Valentino's were, originally, formed in the early 1950's and also featured Bobby's brother Cecil within the line-up.

Bobby's early solo recordings included, 'Nothing You Can Do' and 'I Found A True Love'.

Following the demise of the Valentino's, Bobby reverted to session recordings.

He worked with the late Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and Sam Cooke as mentioned.

Bobby was a regular visitor to Chips Moman's American Recording Studio.

He, also, worked with Wilson Pickett on 'I'm In Love' and 'I'm A Midnight Mover' which are two of the 17 Womack songs that particular artist would record.

His solo activities resumed with singles on Keymen and Atlantic Records.

Bobby then relocated to the Minit imprint, recording several R & B hits, including 'It's Gonna Rain', 'How I Miss You Baby', in 1969, and 'More Than I Can Stand', in 1970.

His early albums included 'Fly Me To The Moon', on Minit 1968, 'My Prescription' on Minit in 1969 and 'The Womack Live' for the Liberty imprint in 1970.

'There's A Riot Going On', Sly Stone's 1971 collection, Bobby played guitar.

Bobby relocated to United Artists and released 'Communication', the title track to Womack's first album for the label.

'Understanding', followed and contained the songs 'That's The Way I Feel About Cha' (number 2 R & B), 'Woman's Gotta Have It' (number 1 R & B) and 'Harry Hippie' (number 8 R & B).

Successive albums, 'Facts Of Life' (1973), 'Looking For A Love Again' (1974), 'Across 110th Street', 'B W Goes C & W' (1976) and 'I Don't Know What The World Is Coming To', followed and were highly popular.

'BW Goes C & W' closed his United Artists contract.

n 1979, Bobby recorded the album 'Roads Of Life' for the Arista imprint.

That set included the hugely popular song 'How Could You Break My Heart' and saw a collaboration with the late Patrick Moten, who had recorded successful material with Anita Baker and Rosie Gaines.

In 1980, Bobby collaborated with the Crusader, Wilton Felder, on the song 'Inherit The Wind', a tune destined to become a Soul classic.

In 1981, Bobby signed with Beverly Glen, a small Los Angeles independent, where he recorded 'The Poet', which featured the songs 'So Many Sides Of You' and 'Where Do We Go From Here?'.

This excellent set furthered his career, while a single, 'If You Think You're Lonely Now', reached number 3 on the R & B chart.

The 'Poet II' in 1984 featured three duets with Patti LaBelle, one of which, 'Love Has Finally Come At Last', was another hit single.

That set also featured the songs 'Tell My Why', 'Surprise, Surprise' and 'It Takes A Lot Of Strength To Say Goodbye'.

Beverly Glen released a final LP culled from Womack's previous sessions, 'Someday We'll All Be Free', in 1985.

He then relocated to MCA Records in 1985, debuting with 'So Many Rivers'.

By 1989, Bobby recorded at the Solar imprint, releasing 'Save The Children'.

He also recorded on the Japanese release with the guitarist June Yamagishi, re-recording his song 'Trust Your Heart', the tune running for nearly 12 minutes!

1994's album 'Resurrection' saw Bobby's take on the Winston's song 'Color Him Father' and the anti war diatribe 'Cousin Henry' featuring a certain Stevie Wonder.

Bobby's more recent work proclaims him as 'the last Soul singer'.

In late 2000, he collaborated with U.K. artists Rae & Christian releasing, amongst others, 'Get It Right'. A fine outing.

An album entitled 'Left Handed, Upside Down', was released in 2001.

A fine soul singer, whose best work stands amongst those of Black music's singer / songwriters.


  • Bobby Womack and the Valentinos (1960s material)
  • "The Best of the Poet Trilogy" (1981-85)
  • "Soul Brother"
  • The Very Best Of Bobby Womack 1968-1975
  • The Soul Of Bobby Womack - Stop On By
  • It's All Over Now
  • The Last Soul Man (MCA 1987)
  • At Home In Muscle Shoals (1998)
  • Midnight Mover
  • Lookin' for a Love The Best of Bobby Womack (1968-1976)
  • "A Lonesome Man" - plus good Womack history Pt. 1
  • "Don't Look Back" - plus good Womack history Pt. 2


Simon666 said...

added "Roads of Life" and "Live in Concert"

Simon666 said...

+also "Home is where the heart is" and 'Pieces"

zand said...

1967 - The Womack Live

1975 - Safety Zone

Simon666 said...

Thanks Zand, added the links

zand said...

So Many Rivers (MCA 1985)

Simon666 said...

Added, thanks

zand said...

1985 - Someday Well All Be Free

1986 - Womagic

zand said...

1999 - Back To My Roots

zand said...

I don't know the year...
In The Muscle Shoals

Simon666 said...

Thanks Zand, added both

zand said...
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zand said...

Bobby Womack - The Last Soul Man - 1987

Exellent quality!!!

Simon666 said...

Thanks Zand, done ...

zardoz1984 said...
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Simon666 said...

"Facts of Life" is a rapidshare link, still active

zardoz1984 said...

Oups sorry I meant Safety Zone.

Simon666 said...

OK , just done a google blog session for Womack.

* Links added for :

The Womack Live (Liberty 1970)
Safety Zone (United Artists 1976)
So Many Rivers (MCA 1985)
Womagic: (MCA 1986)

* New entries and links added for :

Save the Children (1989)
I Still Love You (1997)

* compilations added and linked :

"The Best of the Poet Trilogy" (1981-85)
"The Very Best Of Bobby Womack 1968-1975"
"The Soul Of Bobby Womack - Stop On By"
"Soul Brother"

* Entries added, no links :

"I Wanna Make Love to You" (1993)
"Traditions" (1999) (christmas album)
"Christmas Album" (2000) (yep, another christmas album)

zardoz1984 said...

Wow! Up to 1975, Bobby's work is really a treat, easily the equal to any of the most famed soulmen of the period. After, it's more erratic – like his fellows' prod – but you still find true gems here & there. Many many thx: it's a pleasure to dive again in that wonderful music.


PS any link to the much heralded Back To My Roots?

Simon666 said...

Did a pretty thorough search for "Back To My Roots" but no luck ....

Anonymous said...

Friday Treat!

I thought I should complete the Trilogy:

Play the last track, i.e. the acoustic version of "Gifted One" real loud! Killer Track.

Chris from Stockholm

zand said...

1996 - Stop on By

zand said...

1999 - Back To My Roots

We dig better than real miners do... :-)

Sly said...

Chris from Stockholm, zand
good job! =)))

zand said...


zand said...

Sorry! Enjoy! :-)

Simon666 said...

Thanks Zand and Chris

k02 said...

Thanks just discovered youre blog, its amazing appreciate youre genorosity and hard work.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work guys!!!

Manolis - Crete island (Greece)

Mr. Moo said...

Bobby Womack : The Last Soul Man (1987)

Simon666 said...

Thanks Mr. Moo :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, So many Rivers/Womagic/Savethe Children all expired :( Someone needs to reup the womack catalog that had sendspace links to rapidshare or something :)

Thanks if you can help

Simon666 said...

Managed to find links for "So Many Rivers" and "Womagic", but not "Save the Children".

Anonymous said...

what about the midnight mover compilation? thanks in advance!!

Simon666 said...

Couldn't find that one, but added :


Lookin' for a Love The Best of Bobby Womack (1968-1976)

and some B-sides

* "A Lonesome Man" - plus good Womack history Pt. 1

* "Don't Look Back" - plus good Womack history Pt. 2

Simon666 said...

Added compilation :

Bobby Womack and the Valentinos (1960s)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, great Blog!!
Here is the link for 1989 Bobby Womack - Save the Children. enjoy!
Greetz Kojak

Tricky59 said...

New link for 'Home Is Where The Heart Is'.
Love the title track, I missed it when it first came out, can't believe I hadn't heard it until now.

Thanks for this wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

finaly with the live in concert we can hear the amazing voice of Alltrina Grayson... she reminds of Aretha but still different

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